Does Drunk Flirting Show True Intentions? Drunk Feelings

Flirting, the age-old dance of attraction, becomes tricky when alcohol enters the equation. With inhibitions lowered and confidence boosted it is no wonder that drunken flirtation often takes center stage at social gatherings.

But amidst the laughter and blurred lines, one must question whether these inebriated advances truly reflect genuine intent or simply serve as a one-night amusement under the influence. Are drunken flirts merely enjoying a momentary high, or do their actions unveil deeper desires?

In this article, we delve into the intriguing realm of drunk flirting to unravel its true intentions and shed light on what lies behind those hazy words and playful touches.

Does Drunk Flirting Show True Intentions?

Alcohol does a number on us; it will warp our judgment, lowers our inhibition, and simply makes us care less about the consequences of our actions. But it is not a mind-altering substance like others. So, drunk flirting can indicate that person has some feelings (or lust) for you, at least for that moment.

Alcohol doesn’t put us in an alternate state of mind where we hallucinate or experience unusually extreme moods. It simply makes us care less about the consequences of our actions. So, mostly, drunk persons will be aware of what they are doing, but they just don’t care as much as they would when sober.

There is a reason why they say, “A drunken man’s words are a sober man’s thoughts.” Alcoholics don’t think before they speak; whatever’s on their minds will be on their tongues. As it lowers inhibitions, the person will act impulsively and care less about how others judge their behavior adversely.

Why Do Drunk People Flirt?

Alcohol is often used as a social lubricant in places such as bars, parties, and clubs where drunk flirting is a common occurrence. It is used as a social lubricant to make people more confident and outgoing than usual.

Alcohol is also known as “liquid courage” because some people have it to say or do what they really feel. It doesn’t actually speak for the drunken person but gives the person the confidence to say things he normally wouldn’t. It will loosen up a part of you that you generally keep under wraps.

1)  Lowered Inhibitions:

The primary effect of alcohol is that it lowers the inhibitions making people do or say that they normally wouldn’t, including flirting. It will make people more confident but also affect their perception and self-consciousness.

People are more likely to act on their impulses when lowered inhibitions and feel encouraged to risk things they may typically be shy or reserved in.

2) Increased Desire:

Alcohol could play the role of “Cupid” by increasing the desire for social connection and validation, thus leading to more flirting behavior.

As drinking can be a social activity in which people engage with others when they are in a group setting, the desire for connection can manifest itself easily.

Drunk people feel more emotional and need connection with others, so they tend to use flirting as a means to feel closers to others.

3) Escapism:

Drinking can be a form of escapism for some people as they use it as a way to escape from their sad, miserable lives or reality. So, they try to engage in things and do what they normally wouldn’t in their real life (sobriety) to fulfill the void that they are experiencing.

They engage in something that they see as fun, including flirting. They try to hook up with whoever they can when drunk to escape from their partners/ problems temporarily.

4) Seeking Validation:

People also flirt when they want attention or validation from others. Generally, alcohol makes people more vulnerable, so they seek assurance from someone that they are still attractive and desired.

Also, people feel a false sense of connection temporarily, which will go off soon. So it’s important to remember that the sense of connection experienced during drunk flirting may not always translate into genuine and lasting relationships.

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5) Altered Perception:

When people consume alcohol, it distorts their perception of reality in how they interpret social cues, body language, and words. This can affect the ability to understand others’ intentions and convey their own effectively.

It impairs judgment, so we see that drunken people do things without bothering about the long-term implication. As the willingness to take risks increases, it can manifest in bold flirting even with people they wouldn’t risk when sober.

The influence of alcohol may also create an artificial bond that will soon evaporate once sobriety returns.

6 Signs To Decipher Drunk Flirting:

Flirting is a natural human behavior that shows our interest in another person and can be in various forms. But when alcohol is involved, the line between harmless flirting and inappropriate behavior can become blurred, impairing judgment.

1) Blushing And Deep Eye Contact:

If the drunk person continuously blushes when flirting with you, it can mean they genuinely like you. In this case, you see some tension when they attempt to flirt with you and can observe that they actually put some effort into approaching you, which isn’t just casual.

When the drunk person won’t care about their surroundings and is so lost in your eyes that they almost forget to blink, then you know why.

2) Your Past Interactions:

If that person had proposed to you or flirted with you in the past (even when drunk), it can mean that they secretly like you but don’t dare to open up about it. But it’s even easier if they did it when sober because now it’s double-checked.

If they only flirt with you and behave normally with others, it can show that they are determined about their feelings for you and are not testing the tactics with every girl.

3) Integrity:

It also depends on how drunk the person is. Unless they are into way more drinks, they probably know what they are doing, but they are just riding the vodka-fueled confidence train.

Every human action has an end attached to it – consciously or subconsciously. They may try to sleep with you and later blame it on alcohol and go on their way. So, it is not in your best interest to assume that someone is being honest about their feelings just because they are drunk.

It may seem like they are confessing their love but remember, with alcohol, they are just h*rny and finding ways to get some action as their inhibitions are lowered. They can get naughty by engaging in suggestive comments, physical touch, and teasing.

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4) Their Personality And Cultural Background:

Our personalities are formed by a combination of genetic factors (nature) and environmental influences, like education, upbringing, culture, etc. The drunk person’s cultural background and upbringing can play a role.

If there are cultural differences, it can be hard to decipher their interests and intentions. What may be seen as harmless flirting in one culture could be interpreted as aggressive or inappropriate behavior in the other.

How To Respond To Drunk Flirtation?

Some people commit unexplainable acts of flirtation with even people whom they would normally feel unattractive when sober when they were blacked out drunk. So, we cannot see drunk flirting as a sign of hidden feelings or attraction.

1) Stay Calm and Evaluate:

You need to stay calm and composed when someone is flirting with you when they are drunk. Do not overreact or participate in the drunk person’s advancements. You know better. So, maintain your composure.

Assess The Situation. The relationship between you two, your own feelings, and the level of sobriety of both parties involved.

2) Set Boundaries:

Alcohol can make us aggressive and act out of character. This includes Drunken brawls and drunk driving to risky sexual behavior. As our self-awareness reduces, it will be easier to engage in behaviors we might regret later.

You can politely establish boundaries to protect your personal interests and comfort. Don’t hesitate to be firm when someone is not respecting your comfort zone.

3) Redirect The Conversation:

You can play a fool, cleverly redirect the conversation to neutral topics, and use humor to lighten the environment while avoiding unwanted advances easily.

It can be easy to get caught up in the moment and do things you might regret later. But at the end of the day, we should be responsible for our actions, no excuses.

4) Be Clear In Your Expression:

Clearly communicate that you are not interested in anything that’s on their mind, and you can politely decline if they return to their flirtation. Honest and open communication is the best tool for many things to avoid regrets and discomfort in the future.

You can appreciate their attention while kindly declining the advancements. Do not get tensed or overreact unless needed.

5) Take The Help Of Your Friends:

Remember that drunk words don’t necessarily mean someone’s true intentions but rather their lowered inhibitions and impaired judgment. Flirting while intoxicated may feel natural at that moment, but it can lead to regrettable actions later on.

If the situation becomes uncomfortable and seems to be getting out of your hand, take the help of your friends or acquaintances who can assist you in redirecting or diffusing the flirtation.

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6) Gracefully Exit From The Situation:

Remove yourself from the situation when the flirtation continues despite your responses. Prioritizing your safety is more important than maintaining platonic relationships.

Keep in mind that every situation is unique, so you must use your instincts and set boundaries firmly when someone is crossing the lines.

7) Help Them Reach Home:

If you genuinely care for them, you won’t take advantage of this situation even if you like them. You can send them home by booking a car or hand them over to one of your mutual friends.

Admitting your feelings or advancing in things may not make any difference once sober, as they are not in the right frame of mind. If you focus on long-term rather than instant gratification, it’s better to avoid complicating things to save yourself from regret.

8) Talk To Them Later:

When a person is drunk, then they don’t have any filter! But if you feel that they really love you but are scared to express it for fear of rejection, then you can talk to them about it the next day and investigate when you are both sober.

Bring it only when you feel that their special treatment is limited to you.

What To Do When You Drunk Flirt With Everyone?

If you feel that you are flirting a lot which is causing problems for you, your relationships, and your social life—it is a sign that you have an alcohol-related problem.

Being more friendly and affectionate when inebriated doesn’t mean you need help. But if you can see that alcohol is interfering with your life, you should consider a solution for that. Cutting back or stopping—either with or without the help of a professional—is the best option you can trust with.

If you just cannot control your sl*tty nature when drunk, and find yourself constantly using alcohol as an excuse for your behavior towards others, stop drinking. Problem solved.

Maybe nobody has ever told you this before. But you don’t have to drink alcohol; it is not a requirement. If you have trouble controlling your impulses when drinking, then stop drinking. Period.

Wrap Up:

All of us have been on one or the other end of drunk flirting at some point in our lives. And many of us have been guilty.

While some believe that alcohol acts as a truth serum and brings out our innermost desires., others argue that it impairs our judgment and can lead to behavior that we may not necessarily do if we were sober.

Some people just get really horny and suggestible when drunk. However, if that person flirts with you while sober and then flirts more heavily as they get drunker, we can ascertain something from it.

It’s important to note that alcohol’s impact on flirting can vary from person to person as it’s highly individual and context-dependent. While some people may use alcohol as a tool to lower their inhibitions and express their true feelings, others simply enjoy the excitement that comes with it.

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