No Contact While On Vacation With Your Boyfriend/ Girlfriend (Is It Normal?)

Vacations are a time to relax. To take a break from the everyday hustle and bustle of life and enjoy quality time by living only in the present moment. However, for some people in a relationship, going on a vacation can be a source of stress and arguments when there is no contact with your boyfriend or girlfriend.

It’s important to note that taking a break from your routine doesn’t mean taking a break from your relationship. However, some couples still tend to see vacations as an escape from their relationship issues and end up avoiding communication altogether.

Although we agree that taking a break from everyday life is crucial for mental well-being, maintaining healthy communication between partners is equally important too. Make sure to stay connected to your loved ones with meaningful conversations while enjoying your vacation time.

But this may not happen every time and in every case. In this article, we will help you deal with the anxiety of not knowing what your significant other is up to as they have no contact with you while on vacation. We will give you reasons why it is nothing to worry about and also some of the possible worrisome aspects of the situation. Along with that, we will frame a list of things you can do to help yourself in this situation.

Reasons Why No Contact While On Vacation Is Nothing To Worry About

1)  They Are Facing Network Issues:

As most of us tend to go off the grid for vacations, there will be severe network issues in many locations, which can cause a stressful no-contact situation. In these cases, your anxiety is legit, but so is their position.

When someone goes for treks and stuff, they may have to travel to a distant hilltop or a locality which is not possible for them at the moment. Network issues are possible wherever we travel to remote locations, and we cannot expect someone to walk miles just to call us and say they are okay.

Network issues can also occur in enclosed spaces or certain buildings. The point is there are endless possibilities for these problems, and your boyfriend/ girlfriend will contact you once they manage to get out of it.

2) Their Phone Is Dead:

They cannot do anything if their phone is dead when they are in a remote location. If their vacation is a solo trip to a secluded place lacking human contact, they cannot even borrow another’s phone to call you, no matter how much they miss you.

So, even if you are concerned about them, you should also understand their plight of carrying around a phone that won’t work.

3) They Have Lost Their Phone:

Their phone might be stolen somewhere, or worse, all their belongings. If this is the case, they have to find a police station and do all the theft-related formalities before they can remember to inform you.

Phones are extremely important in this modern world, so much so that they have become an intricate part of our existence. Losing a phone brings immeasurable pain and trouble to the owner as it’s not just money but a lot of personal data and memories.

If they are in such trouble, we hope it is absolutely okay if they forget to give you that routine call, as the last thing they want is more stress about formalities in a relationship.

So, please be patient, they are not going anywhere. They will contact you once they sort out all the problems.

4) Their Phone Is Malfunctioning:

This is yet another classic problem in this digital era. When the vacation includes swimming or water sports, there are chances that their phone has fallen into a water body or something and stopped working. Not just this, mobile can malfunction for several reasons, and when this happens during travel, it cannot be very pleasant.

5) They Don’t Want To Contact You:

Probably they have taken this journey to unwind and don’t want to contact anyone. Or they might be upset over something you did and want to move away from you for a while. And what is better than going on a vacation to feel refreshed and better again?

But if this is the reason, the situation can worsen if not taken care of. Be calm and remember that it’s not the end of the world. They may come back to you once the vacation is over and they have cooled down, which is the purpose of the journey.

Also, if you are a person who nags too much; or irritates with constant questions and unwanted advice, they may avoid you for a while.

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6) They Don’t Have Any Spare Time:

If someone runs on a tight schedule, they don’t have time to spare. Some people go on vacations to unwind, while some go to explore, and the person we are discussing falls in the second category. People like these don’t just sit by the beach and sip beer all day. They pack their backpacks and get going.

When someone plans a vacation with a tight schedule, they don’t bother to waste their time on unnecessary formalities. Mostly, their phone would be tucked away in their backpack.

When they have so much to explore and limited time, they try in every possible time to save time from things they can postpone and make the utmost use of the place they are in.

7) They Are Too Tired Call You:

We all should agree to the fact that vacations can be tiring, especially the ones with a packed schedule. When we walk or explore throughout the day, we would be too tired by the time we return to our stay, and all we want is some good night’s sleep.

When they travel too far, their time zone would be different, and their free time may not coincide with yours. Your awake time would be their sleep time, and vice-versa. So, you will probably have to wait till they come back.

8) They Are Going Through A Digital Detox:

They are on vacation just to take a break from all the digital gadgets which control their life on a typical day. Most people have forgotten to travel for happiness in this social media era. There is an absurd rush everywhere to get that perfect photo for Instagram or the reel that could garner thousands of views. They forget to watch places with their eyes but watch them through the lens/ screens of their gadgets.

Also, the constant interference from the workplace and long line of phone calls doesn’t let people experience life as it was meant to be. The person we are talking about got sick and tired of the fast-paced digital life, so they have decided to go for a detox. It means that they don’t have any gadgets near them and they may not contact people for a while, including you.

They could be practicing meditation and eating their heart out in a peaceful environment, not bothering about anything at this moment.

9) They Forgot To Call You:

They probably forgot to call you because they are too engrossed in their vacation. But when somebody is in a relationship with someone who cares for them, it may not be a valid excuse, and you are allowed to be a little annoyed. But you should address your concern in a way that won’t deteriorate your relationship with that person.

When someone travels solo, not calling and informing the whereabouts to the person who is waiting for a call is the worst thing one can do to freak people out. It is considered extremely on their part when they forget to call you.

solo camping in a tent

10) They Are Traveling Solo:

Traveling solo requires a lot of determination, concentration, and precision. They always need to be on alert mode and focus on everything around them when they are in distant lands.

Give them some time to gather themselves, and they will probably call or text you to let you know they are doing well.

Reasons Why No Contact While On Vacation May Not Be A Good Sign:

1) They Have Found New Friends:

They may have found new friends who are fun to be with. They are not thinking of you at this moment because they are enjoying their friends’ company. They might be partying right now while you are worrying for them.

This can be a nightmare as their sudden absence from your life with no contact will make you overthink and bring negative thoughts to your mind.

2) The Have Fallen For Someone Else:

This is the bad news you are worrying about in the back of your mind. Unfortunately, they have fallen for someone else on vacation and chose them over you. This would be difficult to digest if you guys have been dating for a long time. It will be equally painful, even if you have a crush on them.

In such a case, you will have to accept reality and move. Here, the worst part is you can do nothing about the situation when someone else takes them away from you.

3) They Are In Some Danger:

They can be in some kind of danger as traveling solo to remote places can bring us into unwanted situations. They could be stranded in the middle of a deserted highway, stuck in a landslide, or in any other kind of road accident.

We hope this is not the case, but when they are in danger, they need to be rescued first to call you.

4) They Have Fallen Sick:

If they go alone and get sick where there are no proper medical facilities, their priorities are different than calling you. It could be devastating if we get sick in a remote area while we are vacationing. It can be tricky in places far away from hospitals, with no medical facilities or basic amenities. We suffer horribly if we get sick on such sites.

5) Something Is Wrong With Their Vehicle Or The Road:

When we travel in bad terrain, we likely get stuck in bad weather and need more concentration on the road than usual. When driving in the mountains and places where landslides can be fatal, we cannot be on the phone while we drive. We cannot even halt for a while to text as the roads are excessively narrow, resulting in a constricted space to drive in.

However, your concern is understandable because you know that the person you care about is in bad terrain, which can be tricky. A stalled car/ vehicle would mean no space to charge the phone in these conditions.

6) They Are Ghosting You:

They are ghosting you because they have found better things while on vacation. This can be bad news for you if you are in or want a romantic relationship with that person.

They have been planning to get out of your life, and this vacation is probably part of the plan. They may want to spend time alone or with other people, they find interesting. So, they don’t even care about your concern for them.

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What To Do When You Are Unable To Contact A Loved One While They Are On Vacation:

1)  Stop Overthinking:

Overthinking will only complicate things. So try not to and stay calm. They will contact you soon if they are not in immediate danger and, in the meantime, focus on ways to deal with the stressful situation.

2) Stop Calling or Texting Them Repeatedly:

Nobody likes nagging, so don’t call or text them repeatedly. They went on this vacation to have some peace of mind, and your ongoing calls might disturb their mood and the very purpose of the holiday. Call them when you have an important message to pass on, or you should wait and let them contact you.

3) Don’t Do Or Say Anything Stupid:

You may be angry over the no-contact situation, and it’s ok to worry about the person you care about, but don’t say or do anything stupid in a fit of rage. It will only worsen the situation.

4) Ask Them If They Are Upset With You:

You can directly ask them if they are upset with you. Practically, getting a straight answer to this question can be difficult, and you often meet with sarcastic answers and snide remarks. But don’t get demotivated by that.

5) Talk To Their Friends:

Their friends might know their whereabouts, so you can ask them to learn more about the person we are talking about. They must have shared something with one of their friends, and you can try in that direction too.

vacation when in a relationship

6) Check Their Activity On Their Social Media:

Nowadays, people’s social media accounts reveal a great deal of information about them. So you can check their social media activities to know about their whereabouts. They might not have contacted you for various reasons, but most people tend to update something when they travel or go on vacation (unless they are on a digital detox).

7) Check The News To Know If They Are In Danger:

This can be bad news as they might be in some kind of danger. Check the news for any natural calamities or unusual incidents around the place they were last seen in. If they didn’t contact you for a considerable amount of time, you could contact the local authorities of where they were last seen.

8) Don’t Cheat Or Revenge:

Try not to assume the worst of them; just because they have gone quiet doesn’t mean they are secretly romancing someone they met on the beach. They will get in touch when the time is right, and in the meantime, don’t try to revenge them by sleeping with their friends or doing any similar activity. Instead, focus on yourself and do things you enjoy, rather than stressing about what they may or may not be doing.

Wrap Up:

Although it is essential to communicate with your partner/ loved ones during vacation time, don’t react badly if they don’t. Analyze why they aren’t communicating, then decide what to do. Sometimes what we do is we love someone so much that we forget to give them space and ignore the fact that they may want a break.

Your relationship with your partner and the type of vacation they are taking will determine whether he contacts you on vacation or not. It’s not fair to expect them to reach you if you are still in the early stage of the relationship, but also it drives you crazy because you think that any big communication gap could be the end of it.

When someone is in another country, on a cruise, etc., or where they may have no service, don’t bother them, as they are phone-free! That’s the point of the vacation. No one takes a vacation to sleep or to waste time doing nothing, and it’s not really a vacation if you’re spending the entire time on the phone with someone back home.

Pray that they are having a wonderful time on vacation without any worries. You can text them to see if they are doing okay and if nothing terrible has happened. Wait for them to return and have a conversation about what bothered you and address it before it becomes a bigger issue in the future. This way, both parties can enjoy their time off without any stress or negative energy.

You can also set vacation-related communication boundaries for the future. Be specific about what you expect. Is it two calls and some texts? A call before bed? A “Good morning”? Whatever it is, say it, but leave out the part about them updating Instagram or Twitter and not calling. They are not obligated to contact you every time they post a pic or tweet; it is ridiculous to expect them to.

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