Guy Cancels The Date Without Rescheduling (Unveling 11 Possible Reasons)

When you have a date scheduled for the weekend gives you something to look forward to during your long and tedious weekdays at work. By Friday, you may already have spent time planning your outfit in your mind and prepared for every scenario imagining what the evening will be like. And you’re anxiously waiting for your night out, only to receive news that the other person has had to cancel, and all this comes to nothing.

We are sure that it will be disappointing even more when there is no sign of any rescheduling. You would feel let down and even question where you stand as there is no sign of rescheduling your date. In this article, we will help you understand when and why a guy would cancel a date and decide not to reschedule soon.

11 Reasons Why A Guy Cancels The Date Without Rescheduling:

When someone cancels on you, It’s natural to feel disappointed, confused, and maybe even rejected. Although sometimes plans can be easily rescheduled, here we explore the reason when the person decides not to reschedule at all.

When a guy cancels a date and doesn’t reschedule, it’s not always necessarily mean that he doesn’t like you or doesn’t want to go on a date with you. There could be an innocent reason too. So, before you jump to any conclusions or assume he’s flaking on you, take a deep breath and try to understand their perspective by reading this guide and see if you get any help.

1)  Either One of You Are Committed:

The guy might be already committed and just seeking ways to relax during his rough patch with this girlfriend. When he first came across you, he would have thought you would be eager to go to bed with him but later turned out to be different.

Or if he is just a guy who goes on random dates, it might be that one of the previous dates showed genuine interest in him, and he thought it to be unfair to not work on with her as he has a better rapport with her than with you.

On the other hand, if you are already committed yet decided to see the guy, the chances are high that he came across one of your posts on social media where you are with your boyfriend and decided to call it off. So, if you are already seeing someone else, it is better to let the matter rest. If you are not, then there is no harm in texting the guy to know what’s really going on.

2) He Changed His Mind (He is Too Proud):

A guy who loves extrovert girls that enjoys partying more looked at you with that kind of girl and took you to be all the same as her. He took you to be the same fish when he promised the date, but he might have realized his mistake of judgment.

He might have been interested initially, but he changed his mind. After realizing his mistake, he felt that you would not fit in his friend circle. When the guy is filthy rich, and you are from a humble background, there are chances that you are shy, passive, and quiet compared to him, so even though he asked you out to have fun with someone not his type for a change but then thought better.

An extrovert-introvert pair can go well balancing the opposing pair of qualities that the other brings into their life. It can be a ride of an exciting lifestyle one has never before delved into. However, sometimes it can be off-putting for some people.

You can approach him and ask what is troubling his mind before coming to any conclusions.

3) He is Nervous (Felt You Are Out of His League):

He could also be nervous and doesn’t have the guts yet to go on a date with you. He may not be entirely sure whether he wants to go on that date with you regardless of what he told you about why he couldn’t make it to the date.

Meeting an extrovert girl with a wide network can be nervous for guys with confidence issues. He sees that you are out of his league and worries that you will make fun of him later.

If you feel that the guy is nervous, you can ask him when he’s free and arrange another date!

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4) He is Busy:

Another strong possibility is that some urgency at his workplace or a crisis in his personal life showed up, due to which he had to cancel the date with you and could not plan another one. Maybe something important came up that he couldn’t avoid, or he might be dealing with personal issues that are preventing him from going out.

Only patience will bring you the answers; give time, and everything will be alright. If the guy who asked you out canceled it without giving any proper reason, it might be because reality caught up. In these cases, the tendency of a guy to ask you out again is unvaryingly high.

When he messages you or calls you again, you can ask for an explanation. Your approach should be in such a way that you look forward to a better understanding of the recent happenings rather than trying to ridicule them.

5) He is Sick:

He might be sick on that day and he might want to suggest you another date and time but just couldn’t commit to any specific time yet as he is still sick.

However, if this is a recurring theme with that person, you should reevaluate the situation and consider whether they’re worth your time and effort in building a relationship with them.

6) He Felt The Vibe Was Missing:

Perhaps he felt that you were not his type, and the vibe was missing, as you couldn’t match his enthusiasm when you were together. Guys get turned off when you throw too many tantrums right on the first date or if you are too reluctant.

When a person decides to spend a substantial part of their evening with you, he looks forward to having a good time. He might have encountered someone who radiated the energy and offerings he desired, so he ditched you for her. A change of heart doesn’t take much time.

Tip: Don’t share your personal opinions and information on your first date. You should be mysterious rather than blatant when it comes to the dating approach. Handle the situation well and make him feel good about his manliness.

7) His Best friend Already Likes You:

In men, it is against the bro code to hit on the same girl. So, there might be a possibility that the guy would have asked you out but later found out that his best friend already likes you. In such a setup, it meant that he had chosen his friendship over a girl who was still new to him and known only for a lesser period.

8) You Are a Nerd or Too Conventional:

When all you talk about is books, like to philosophize stories or quote works of different authors, guys who are not into all this may find it boring and run away from you. Most men are into sports, movies, and similar stuff. We are not generalizing, but if you talk about adventurous stuff, it would be easier for them to know how to lead the conversation and not panic about the unknown territory.

Tip: Rather than appearing like a book worm show them that you have a social life too, as men date to have fun, not to sit beside you while you read and read.

Guys like to vibe, have fun and lead a happy life together. They would like you to be open and joyful rather than being future-obsessive. If he sees you as stereotyped and too conventional, he will lose interest.

9) He is Ambitious:

Career-oriented guys may see relationships or dating as a distraction from their goals. When he is in doubt, you can assure him that you will stick by in thick and thin with absolute patience. Ambitious men don’t allow easy access to people in their inner circle. You get the pass only when they are sure that you are worth it.

Even though it can be challenging to o secure his attention, they will make you feel special once you get it. As he doesn’t need drama in his life, he might be testing you to see how you handle the situation.

10) He is Only Seeing You As An Option:

He sees you only as an option and has other girls he prefers. Let’s say another girl agreed on the same day who may have already canceled a few dates on him in the past, and it may be difficult for him to get her to commit to seeing him again.

In situations like these, though he didn’t meet you, he doesn’t want to completely abandon the idea of going out on a date with you. He will make sure to stay on your radar in some capacity so you don’t forget him. In this way, if he ever decides to just give up on this particular girl, he will have you as another option to go out on a date with.

This behavior clearly indicates that you are not a priority to him.

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11) He is A Player:

He is just a player who goes on dates with a new girl every day. A person like this may not even remember you and your date. He might have asked you in a bar or somewhere when he was drunk and forgot about it later. Guys like these won’t even keep track of such things as they tend to date many women for fun.

They won’t be serious in their relationships, nor they take you and your feelings seriously either.

What To Do When A Guy Cancels The Date And Doesn’t Reschedule It?

1)  Remind Him:

If your date forgets to ask you again, don’t take it to heart (when it’s the first time). Probably he is too embarrassed to ask you again. You never know how someone else thinks and feels, so you can send him a reminder without any criticism.

You can add your humor or some gif to express your emotion in a lighter way, but he should realize that he’s the one who let you down, and he do something to make it up to you.

Communication is key in any relationship, so don’t be afraid to express your feelings and ask for clarity on where things stand between you two.

2) Confront Him:

It’s better to confront him in the face if you happen to see him again. If you are serious, you can visit him at his workplace or at his residency when you think he is free and comfortable.

Try not to be rude when you ask him about the reason for his behavior. If you work at the same place, he might have decided not to sleep with people from his workplace, which is professional, but the call was made too late.

When you approach him, you should make clear that he cannot go on making vague excuses. You need to get a proper and valid explanation when you are ditched.

3) Ask Him Out:

Pick up your phone and ask him out if he canceled the date through a text without any proper explanation. When you call him unexpectedly, he could be caught off-guarded and might blurt out the truth. You should go with the flow. Every relationship is different, and you know your chemistry better than anyone else.

Everything works differently for everyone. Sometimes this can be risky, as he might not answer the call and think you are too desperate. But either way, you will get clarity about what he wants and his intentions. If he keeps ignoring your texts or avoiding your company by making lame excuses, he is not worthy of your valuable time and attention.

4) You Can Stalk Him (Online):

Although sometimes stalking him will only make you more restless, it is not a bad deal. Stalking his profiles would give you hints of what is up with him. Probably, you can know if he is on vacation, sick, or seeing someone else by his posts. Make good use of the internet whenever you can.

Make him aware of the fact that you don’t appreciate being treated that way, and set some boundaries in place.

If you’re not interested in rescheduling the date again, you can simply message him saying the same.

5) Move on:

Even though it hurts you, when the guy lacks the courtesy to ask you out again, it means that he has already taken you for granted. He better attempt to reschedule the date soon and find ways to make it up to you, or it’s a serious red flag. It means that he lacks respect for you and your time. He isn’t taking your relationship seriously.

You should question yourself whether that guy is worth your attention span. Remember that it’s his loss that he did not get the chance to experience your love and company. You are not losing anything here.

Self-affirmation is very important. If you don’t know how to love yourself with dignity, you will neither be able to love another worthily nor accept the right way of love you deserve. Observe and recognize the mark of disrespect when you get one.

Prioritize yourself under any circumstances. And never let a random date spoil your mood. Probably, this man is not even thinking about this right now. There are plenty of other guys out there that wouldn’t let you down and treat you the way you deserve to be.

Summing Up:

Remember that people have their own lives, and his canceling the date probably has much more to do with that than with his level of interest in you. Give it a couple of days and see if he reaches out. If he does, great! If he doesn’t, try texting/calling to see if he’s free to go out again, see what he says, and go from there. But never double-text or call.

In the meantime, try not to think about it and distract yourself by keeping yourself busy. Just put on some music and focus on a task to keep those pesky intrusive thoughts at bay. You can go on dates with other people and also be active on dating apps if needed.

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