Why Do Guys Like Virgins? Uncovering Why So Many Men Desire a ‘Pure’ Woman

Some questions have been asked for centuries, and one of such is, ‘why do guys like virgins?’ The answer to this question is more complex than you think. Some may think this is because men have an instinctive desire for a girl with no previous sexual experience, but this is not always the case. Many biological, psychological, and social elements are linked to this reasoning.

Also, some guys indeed prefer virgins, but this is not to be generalized. Some men like virgins because, for them, virginity symbolizes purity and innocence, and they are less likely to have STDs or comparisons with past partners. As it’s their first time, the girls are more likely capable of developing a deep and emotional bond with their guy.

In this article, we will explore why some guys might like virgins and what it could mean from their point of view.

Why Do Guys Like Virgins?

For centuries, this has been asked, and it is often perceived as a negative thing as it carries a stigma of male promiscuity. For girls, there is the pressure to appear experienced; also, they may worry about being judged for being ‘inexperienced.’

So, the best way to determine your man’s tastes is to have a detailed open, honest discussion with him. For now, we will give you some general reasons to help you have an idea to start with.

15 Reasons Why Guys Like Virgins:

Go through each reason to understand why guys prefer to have virgins over someone with more experience between the sheets.

1)  Many Guys Consider It An Honor:

To be the first in someone’s life is always a secret craving for some guys. Being the first person to experience something is always memorable, and not many can have this luck. The act of taking someone’s virginity is seen as claiming them in a sense.

Most men place a high value on exclusivity, and to be the first person in a girl’s life is a turn-on for them. Knowing that they are the first to experience and do things of intimacy with a girl is considered an honor.

We often hear men saying, “the expression on a girl’s face when I go in her for the first time is – Priceless!!” They cherish taking the V-card from a girl.

When the girl could have lost her virginity to tons of guys, but when she chooses them, they get mentally high.

2)  Purity and Innocence:

There is something mysterious about a girl’s innocence and purity that drives many men crazy.

It could be that she has never been touched by anyone else yet. This sets them apart from everyone else.

Some argue that guys see them as a representation of everything that is good and pure in the world. They are drawn to virgins as a reminder of what we once were before we were “corrupted” by the ways of the world.

So, in some ways, virgins represent hope for guys. They act as a reminder that there are still traditional values and wholesomeness in this world and that we can still find happiness and joy if we just know where to look for it and make some effort for it.

3) Fulfills Male Fantasy and Ego:

Many guys fantasize about being with a virgin, waiting to be the first man of a girl. Most part of the appeal is because of the taboo nature of the act. There is something exciting about going into uncharted territory and making our marks.

The thought of being the first person to “conquer” a woman sexually can be a significant ego boost for some men. It gives them a sense of power and dominance, which they may find appealing. It is also a refreshing change of pace for guys to introduce a woman to the pleasures of physical intimacy than being with yet another experience woman.

Also, virgins are less likely to have unrealistic demands in bed and are more eager to please their partner due to their performance anxiety. Naturally, they are more than happy to let their partner take the lead. So, some guys like this innocent quality of virgins who are eager to please and let the guy take the lead.

4) Lesser or No Comparisons:

Being with a virgin can be a good thing for guys because there will be no comparisons. As the male ego is driven by attention and appreciation, this can be a huge ego boost and help him to feel confident as he is the best they have ever had.

On the other hand, if you are with someone who has had prior experience and been with other partners, it’s natural to compare the present experience with the past ones. Questions like ‘Am I doing my best? Better than her previous mates? Am I lasting longer? Is she satisfied? bothers in a guy’s mind.

With a virgin, there are no complications like these, and he feels desired. We can call it a pressure-free situation, as the guy knows he has free reign to be as great as he can be. A virgin girlfriend can be the solution for guys who feel insecure about their abilities and don’t like to be compared to anyone.

5) They Can Be Moulded:

Some men believe that they can mold women who are virgins according to their tastes and likes as they are like blank slates. The idea is that they can groom the woman in such a way that they believe their only purpose is to serve the man (their husband/ boyfriend) and only be with them.

Virgins are easier to mold into perfect intimate partners as they are considered malleable objects, but of course, not everyone is the same.

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6) Less Fear of STDs:

In a world of one-night stands, where people proudly say their body count as some kind of achievement, and there is no shame in infidelity and cheating, virgin girls are more tempting.

Although it may not be the primary virgin for why a guy like virgins, it is also an essential factor in having fewer worries about potential STDs. The rise in the dangers of STDs is no wonder that virgins are seen as a safer bet.

Although this may not be entirely true because there are always some risks associated with any intimate encounter, the chances of contracting an STD from a virgin can be significantly lower. Some guys who value their health and safety see virgins as the first option.

7) Higher Self-esteem:

When men know that they are with a virgin, they will have a profound sense of pride for being the woman’s ‘first.’ Their self-esteem shoots right up, and they will be so proud of this feeling, even though it seems highly judgemental.

Some men are scared of being ‘smaller’ than the previous people and also they feel intimidated by sexually experienced women who may have more sexual knowledge than them. Whereas, inexperienced women may seem less threatening to some men as mostly they don’t have any preconceived notions about what sex should be like. This thought boosts the self-esteem of men.

8) Jealousy and Insecurities:

Some guys do see their brides as objects; they see them as boxed toys, like a locked property to which they must have exclusive and first-time access.

Even though it may seem silly, some guys can’t live with the fact that their beloved had a social life before she met him. They get jealous of the fact that she did it with someone else. They don’t want to run into someone else who can say, “I bedded your wife/girlfriend before you.” or “I got her when she was still young and fresh; I got her best, and now you’re getting my cast-offs/ leftovers.”

It’s not that a guy would actually say that out loud (unless he’s a total jerk), but some men, out of their insecurities, will feel like that’s what he’s thinking. And the curiosity about what they had together in the past will eat them in silence.

9) Makes Them Feel Manly:

Some guys consider it an achievement to “pop the cherry” of a beautiful, innocent young woman. We can see it everywhere, from erotic literature to men’s magazines to AV films.

The core idea behind this is that virginity is a precious symbol of a woman’s purity. So, obviously, there is an element of psychological conquest involved. Also, the stereotype of seeing virginity as hyper-feminine, these guys may view it as a way to connect with their own masculinity.

But for men, virgin guys are often stereotyped as being meek and shy. So, they always try to get rid of their virginity as soon as possible to cut the embarrassment.

It’s embarrassing to say that we have a gendered (and heteronormative) conception of virginity. While men are trying to have sex as soon as possible, virginity is seen as a prize for women, and the longer a girl keeps her chaste state, the more admirable she is.

10) Memorable Experience:

Being someone’s first is a meaningful and memorable experience. Not every time, and with everyone, it can happen. When both partners are virgins, a shared loss of virginity is even more powerful. It can be a mutual awakening to a completely different and other side of life and intimacy.

For a girl who is rarely impressed by anyone, and when she is impressed by you, it can mean she will be loyal to you, and the chances of having a long-term relationship are higher.

11) Ability To Pair:

According to some research studies, virgins possess a heightened ability to pair bonds. In other words, they’re more likely to form a lasting emotional relationship with a man than a woman with multiple partners.

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Why is this?

Well, it turns out that the more men a woman has slept with, the harder it is for her to pair bond. Technically, when a woman has multiple partners, her brain automatically develops a pattern of emotional and psychological distancing.

This means she’s less likely to let her guard down and form an emotional connection with her next partner.

12) Lead And Dominate:

Guys love to be the first one up in there & teach them what it’s like & all about—being the one who teaches them about physical intimacy and guides them to feel more comfortable and confident in their own bodies.

It’s kinda hot for men. Let’s be honest here.

Guys enjoy playing the mentor role because watching someone you care about blossom under your guidance and leadership can be really satisfying.

13) Biology And Evolution:

Researching different species, it has been found that males tend to prefer virgin mates. The possible explanation for this phenomenon is males want to ensure that they are the ones passing on their genes. From an evolutionary perspective, it is a sound argument that when a male mates with a virgin, he can be reasonably sure that any offspring are his own.

Also, it is said that virgin females often release higher levels of certain hormones, which play an important role in triggering a male’s primitive instincts.

14) Women:

Another critical reason is women. Yes, they supply this behavior. They always talk about their first things. Women see virginity as an ultimate sign of trust and a beautiful gift that they can never get back. So chasing it gives the guys a sense of ownership or possession of the female’s sexuality, a sense of conquest.

This is where the male fantasy element comes into play because virgins are rare and precious; they’re seen as the ultimate sexual conquest for men. If he can be her first man, he will always have a special place in her life.

He will forever be her first, and no one can ever take that away from him. She will remember him for the rest of her life, no matter who else she is with or how much she loves them. She could be happily married for decades but still remembers Him.

15) Ignorance:

The belief that virgins are intrinsically “tighter” is a famous notion out in the world. They believe that’s the tightest she’s ever going to be, her first time; that will be the best it’s going to feel and it can only go downhill from there. The more men she’s been with and the bigger the men she’s been with, the more things can get stretched out.

It may be gradual and it may not be much but will be noticeable over time. It is more evident after childbirth, but that’s a whole other discussion. But this is not true, in general. She may be tight because she’s very young and her muscles are still relatively strong. But women who actively keep their “Kegels” toned can be tighter than a virgin.

Do Guys Want To Marry A Virgin?

Most guys would love to marry a virgin if he gets the chance. Even though it looks a bit prudish and old-fashioned, virginity is often seen as a valuable commodity. They would jump at the idea of being the first and only person to experience all of their partner’s love and affection.

A girl who values her virginity isn’t a virgin because she hasn’t yet managed to get laid but because she is not that girl that goes with any man. She respects herself and is less likely to cheat or want a divorce.

In some places, virgins are highly prized only in the context of marriage; in others, it is not an issue. Men value exclusivity in long-term relationships. Some may not agree with it, but deep down, most of the male instincts can be the same.

Do All Guys Like Virgins?

It’s essential to understand that not all men prefer– preferences are subjective and individualized for each person based on various factors ranging from cultural expectations and gender roles to evolutionary psychology, personal beliefs, and basic instinct; different elements can inspire a man’s preference for virgins.

Every person has their own individual preferences about their partners. While some men may prefer virgins, others might be attracted to qualities such as intelligence or humor over their past.

Virginity is one weird concept. Suppose, let’s say, a girl has oral pleasure with 20 different guys but never had intercourse, is she a virgin? Or if she is a lesbian and has never had sex with a man but slept with dozens of women, has she considered a virgin again?

This whole idea of virginity is unclear and vague. But still, many get hung up about it.

What Do Guys Think About Virgins In Their Twenties Vs Thirties?

People in their twenties have a thing about virgins more than someone in their thirties. It is because they may have had some experiences with girls in high school, but they can be comparatively inexperienced regarding intercourse. So, they may view virgins as purer and more innocent than many other girls. They are drawn to their innocence and nervousness as they can relate to their feelings.

Dating virgins is a dated stereotype. As men get older, it becomes less of a thing they think about cause virginity does tend to correlate with younger age. It would be unusual to come across a virgin when older, and they have to date women much younger than them if their taste remains the same.

Remember that young women might like the idea of being with an older man but aren’t yet mature enough to understand the ramifications fully. Men who take advantage of this state of confusion and immaturity can be seen as predators by some sections of society.


It is not justice to say that all men like virgins; also, they are not liked for the same reasons in places worldwide. Let’s be clear: There is nothing wrong with wanting a virgin in circumstances with an equal power dynamic and mutual respect. So, we are not condemning men who do that.

Having said that, a woman’s virtues are not as delicate as their hymen’s. Things would be simpler if only men could keep their egos and fantasies aside and stop pinning a won’s worth on their virginity.

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