Can A Man Forget A Woman He Slept With? (Revealed)

Many women might have thought to themselves this question at some point or another. The question of past sexual partners can be a sensitive topic, and the thought of forgetting a past romantic encounter may seem difficult or even impossible to some. Many women wonder whether a man can forget a woman he has slept with.

This article will explore the factors that may influence whether a man can actually forget a woman after sleeping together. To gain insight, we have researched various studies and personal accounts from men who have experienced this situation first-hand. Let’s also discuss how women should handle such situations and what they can do to make sure that their partner doesn’t forget them.

Get yourself surprised while finding out how a man can forget a woman he slept with.

Can A Man Forget A Woman He Slept With?

There is no general answer to this. It depends on multiple factors, such as the length of the relationship or sexual encounter, the emotional connection with that girl, and how it ended.

Some men may have an easier time forgetting someone they slept with if it was a one-time thing or if they didn’t have any emotional attachment to that person. On the other hand, if some emotional element is involved, it can be more difficult for a man to forget that woman. It is common for people to hold onto memories of their past relationships because they are comforting or nostalgic.

However, holding onto these memories may also prevent someone from entirely moving on and embracing new opportunities in their current life.

Reasons Why A Man Forgets A Woman He Slept With:

It’s not uncommon for a man to forget a woman he was intimate with, but why does this happen? Let’s dive into the psychology behind why a man forgets about a woman he had a relationship with.

1)  He Is A Player (Have Multiple Partners):

If the guy is in an open relationship and casually dates everyone he has a chance with, he will most likely forget some of them as it’s difficult to keep track of that many partners. He may sound nice and all chivalrous to you, but he did that only to get what he wants. Once satisfied, he will move on to the next lady in line.

A person like that would never care about learning the personal details of the women he sleeps with. You can observe that they are not into small talk. They won’t ask you about the details of your family, education, or where you live and work. Their only target is getting into your pants, and once you have fallen for their cunning sweetness, they will enjoy that night with you and never bother about you again.

Players treat dating life like a game. They will be in several relationships simultaneously and like to date casually. Their only motive is to take women to bed. They would not care for emotions and takes immense pride in the number of girls they can fool with. They won’t remember the names and persons but keep counting the number of women they have slept with.

Some men treat sex like a sport and brag about their conquests with their friends. These men don’t see women as potential long-term love interests but as a badge of honor. So, they will never develop feelings for someone they have dehumanized. They see women as pleasure objects and continue their lives as if nothing had happened after sleeping with a random woman on a random night.

2) He Is A Narcissist:

He could be too self-centric that his world revolves only around him, and he will not think about anyone else but himself. In such a case, it’s not just you whose name he might have forgotten, but it could be a daily occurrence in his life.

Most of them are spoilt and overly pampered children of their parents when they are young, and they have grown up uninterested in everything but themselves. You don’t even feature anywhere in their story; it was about pleasing himself.

3) He Has A Bad Memory:

The guy we are talking about probably has a bad memory. Some may have amnesia and don’t open up for fear of judgment. If you observe these signs, it is wise to get an idea of their medical condition before planning to go out with them.

If you are serious and want a long-term relationship with anyone, then having an idea about their mental records is recommended too. We often tend to neglect so many delicate things assuming they are silly and unimportant, only to face their long-term impacts later.

4) He Never Asked Her Name:

Maybe it all happened in the spur of the moment at some club or party. People who go for one-night stands primarily intend to sleep with someone for that night rather than get personal.

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So, men who are into one-off sex don’t even try to know the name of the lady or try to establish contact or any form of connection with her. For them, It’s enough to know that she’s a lady and can satisfy them for that night.

So, if you have indulged in a one-night stand with someone, maybe they won’t remember you because it happened too quickly, and the next minute after the act, you parted ways.

5) He Was Too Inebriated (He Was Drunk):

If the guy slept with a girl while he was drunk, he might not remember her after being sober. He may remember the experience, pleasure, and sensation but forget her name and face. They may have mild memories and glimpses, but they will have trouble recollecting the entire episode due to intoxication.

If he was too intoxicated or drunk at the time of the intercourse, it would be tricky to remember that he slept with a woman the previous night or even hours before he became sober. Things like the fragrance of a feminine perfume may strike a chord somewhere in his mind, but it would be difficult for him to remember every detail of the encounter.

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However, if the man wants to know more about that woman, he will try to track her down by revisiting the place where he found her and picked her up. He will enquire people over there if they know someone of that resemblance or whether she is a regular visitor at that particular cafe or restaurant.

6) He Is A Drug User:

If the guy is heavily into drugs, he would have no clue where his life is going and would not even remember most of the events. His life will be a sorry affair, and girls should be more prudent and think twice before sharing the bed with a drug addict.

7) He Was Heartbroken:

If the guy was heartbroken at the time of the encounter, the only name he might remember is that of his ex, and he is still grieving about her. Chances are high that he asked you out and eventually slept with you only because you look like his ex or something about you reminded him of her.

When he is still obsessed with thoughts of his previous partner, nothing about the intimacy you shared with him is about you. He is just going with any random girl to get over his ex and try to make her jealous by sleeping with as many women as possible.

So, don’t be disheartened if you fall for someone who doesn’t remember anything about you. Try to analyze the situation and understand its root cause of it.

You can counsel that guy who was betrayed in love; talk to him about getting over his memories if you care about him. But be careful because many players portray themselves as victims to gain your sympathy and attention first, only to use you for their desires.

8) He Uses S*x For Therapy:

Some guys who are into sports and athletics may engage in frequent and random make-out sessions as relaxation therapy. They won’t show interest in other people’s personal affairs but only cares about how they look and what their sexual drive is. These guys have high drives, and sometimes they even take more than one partner to bed at once.

Making out is all about powerplay for them. They treat it like a game and won’t even bother to give you the impression that they want a relationship.

9) When The Woman Keeps Herself As A Mystery:

It’s not always about the man; sometimes, the woman may just want to have fun, get laid, and move on with her life. When the woman prefers to hide her identity for privacy, men might not care to demystify the persona. They don’t mind keeping it as an unsolved puzzle and forget about it unless the woman touches a personal chord.

Unlike women, men don’t like to engage in overthinking. So, when a woman isn’t open about her identity, he might just sleep with her and get it over with that, as he doesn’t want any complications. Even women started behaving the same these days. They would go on a holiday searching for some pleasures and forget what happened there when they returned to their normal lives.

In such cases, they like associating certain fictional attributes to the play and keep the entire thing as a facade to satiate their needs.

How To Make A Man Chase You After You Slept With Him

If the guy you had a one-night stand with struck a chord with you but has since forgotten about you, you can follow these steps to make him chase you.

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1)  Recreate The Scene:

Recreating a scene can be the best option to help the man remember what went on between you the other day. If he remembers even the slightest thing, he may comment that it’s like deja vu to him. If he says, “I feel like this has happened before,” then you can help him by filling in the details.

If you look the same as you did on your first encounter and plan to meet at the same venue is good. It would be awesome if your hairdo was the same and you repeat the same gestures. If you had rolled your eyes do it; if you cracked some joke or laughed off at his first attempt, do it. We never know which will spark his memory lane again.

2) Hit On Him:

If you are open and direct type and hitting hard defines your style, do it. Don’t hesitate to take a second chance on everything you care about. If he gives you a friendly reception when you hit on him, you could start it all over again without mentioning the past.

If you realize that all your feelings are superficial or you don’t like him as much as you thought, you can leave your pursuit from there, but still, there would be no regrets as you didn’t lose anything, and most importantly, you tried.

3) Be A Friend:

Try being a friend when you like a guy very dearly, but he doesn’t recall much of you. It’s easy to befriend someone nowadays; you can even simply send him a friend request on Facebook. Once you are friends with him, you can get a deeper understanding of how he behaves and his personality traits. If he likes you, too, he will confess his feelings for you within no time.

4) Help Him Recollect:

You can initiate the conversation to break the ice and keep things going. When you start telling the forgotten story, you would be surprised to find out that he remembers some of it too.

Sometimes, there are chances that guys pretend to forget you if they aren’t interested in you or feel that you are not up to their standards. In these cases, they may mock you or ridicule you if you try hard to help them recollect all about the episode. The situation will be more dramatic if that guy is married and merely uses you to ease himself for a night.

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So, be careful, and don’t let them hurt you or treat you as a passing cloud. Pay close attention to his facial expressions so that you can determine what’s on his mind while you talk.

5) Be Open About Your Feelings:

It’s ok to approach that guy with a weak memory and help him not only recollect what happened between you but also reveal to him your true feelings. Why do guys have to go on their knees and propose every time? Girls can do it too if they love someone so much that they don’t want to miss them.

Doing this will enrich your confidence and also make him feel special.

6) Mystify Him:

You can also play the same game that he is trying on you, mystifying him with your persona. If you think that guy is acting like he doesn’t remember you only to look cool, then you can try the same so that you can dictate your terms. It will be advantageous if you don’t pass him the keys easily when he feels intrigued.

Guys don’t like girls to forget them after they sleep with them. It means they aren’t worth remembering and consider an insult to their manhood. So, he might start dropping clues from time to time until he realizes who he is dealing with.


It’s common for some women to assume that a man likes her if he sleeps with her once. But this is not always the case. Some men will sleep with any woman – whether or not they like her – at least once. So, they forgot most of their dates because they didn’t care about the woman in the first place.

Many relationship experts say that offering a man bed activity too soon quickly reduces a woman’s worth and makes the man not value her as much as he would have before sharing the bed with her. In fact, the more you offer your body as bait in fear of losing him or making him fall for you, the more you will lose your dignity in their eyes.

So, we advise you to be that woman with self-respect and dignity. Know when to say no and cut off unnecessary relationships. Not because we are trying to limit you as a woman, but because women are biologically built to carry a child within their very own body, you tend to release more oxytocin than men during sex, which makes you more attached to the men than them to you.

Once you understand the masculine perspective, you won’t fall for the nonsensical advice propagated by pop culture.

Unless you are sure that you only want a casual fling, it’s best to wait a few months and let a guy prove himself before sleeping with him. If a guy just wants sex, he won’t hang around for long if sex is not guaranteed. This strategy may take longer to find a partner, but it will weed out the undesirables.

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