What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Panda?

Have you ever been referred to as a “panda” by a guy and wondered why he did so? Although it is not an often used term of endearment, it is also not completely unfamiliar either. While some may consider it an insult or odd, others may find it cute and quirky.

To determine the true meaning of a nickname, we have to consider its given circumstances. Is there a deeper meaning to it, or is it just a joke? In this article, we’ll look at how being called a panda by someone of the opposite gender can be taken in different ways. So, if you want to decipher this peculiar pet name phenomenon, keep reading!

What Does It Mean When A Guy Calls You Panda?

Pandas are widely recognized for their cute and cuddly nature, so calling someone a panda can be seen as appreciating their adorability. However, it’s worth noting that some people may use the term as an insult or to mock someone’s appearance.

Nicknames are often used to express fondness, closeness, or intimacy. However, in certain cases, they can also serve as a way to assert power or authority over someone.

1) He Thinks You Are Cute and Cuddly:

Pandas are known for their adorable appearance, with their big round eyes, chubby cheeks, and fluffy fur. So, when a guy calls you a panda, it could mean that he finds you adorable, irresistibly cute, just like how people often find pandas cute and cuddly.

It’s his way of expressing his fondness for you in a playful manner and subtly expressing that he wants to snuggle up with you.

2) He Wants To Make You Feel Special:

Using animal nicknames is a common way of showing affection towards someone, especially in the early stages of a relationship and they are still getting to know each other. Many couples use pet names to express their love and bond with each other.

So, if your guy calls you a panda, it could simply be his way of expressing fondness towards you and making you feel special, as calling someone by a nickname can make them feel special and loved.

3) You have A Unique Personality:

Pandas are known for their playful nature, and if your guy sees that in your personality, he might call you a panda as a compliment. It means that you are playful and easygoing, like pandas.

Also, pandas are generally deemed gentle and loveable creatures, often associated with kindness, patience, and compassion.

This shows that he appreciates your company and the unique qualities that make you who you are.

4) It’s An Inside Joke Between The Two Of You:

Often nicknames develop out of inside jokes or funny moments shared between two people. There may have been an instance where you acted like a clumsy but lovable panda which led to the nickname.

Another reason why someone might call you panda is if you tend to trip or bump into things often – just like Po!

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5) You Have Similar Physical Features:

If you happen to have round cheeks, a button nose, or even black patches around your eyes, it could be another reason why he calls you a panda. He may see some resemblance between your facial features and that of a panda bear.

Panda’s most defining feature is his chubby cheeks and round face. So, the guy might be opining that you have a round face and chubby cheeks, just like a panda. This is not a harmful comment, as it only means that you are cute and cuddly.

Also, if someone has dark circles around their eyes or wears glasses that magnify their eyes, they might be compared to a panda. In this case, being called a panda can be hurtful and offensive.

6) He Just Likes Calling People By Animal Names:

Some guys may simply find it fun or amusing to come up with creative nicknames for people they know well. Calling someone panda could be his way of showing off his creativity and sense of humor.

Perhaps he just enjoys giving people nicknames in general and thought “panda” suited you best. If he’s calling other people by animal-related nicknames, too (e.g., bear, fox), then it could just be part of his usual vocabulary when referring to those close to him.

7) The Nickname Carries A Special Meaning to Him:

The name “Panda” could also have personal significance to him – maybe there was something important or memorable that happened at the zoo with pandas involved. You remind him of something cute: triggering any specific memory or experience with pandas that makes him think of when he’s around you – whether it’s because of something in your behavior or appearance.

Also, if the guy has a particular interest in pandas (for example, if he works at a zoo), he might be using this nickname to show his affection toward you.

8) Your Sleepy Or Lazy Attitude:

One of the reasons a guy may call you a panda is because of your sleepy or lazy attitude. Pandas are known for being slow-moving and laid back, just like someone who may have trouble getting out of bed in the morning.

If you’re always snoozing through your alarm and taking naps during the day, your boyfriend might affectionately call you panda.

9) You Remind Him Of Kung Fu Panda:

You love martial arts movies. If watching martial arts films is one of your favorite hobbies, then being compared to Kung Fu Panda might be the ultimate compliment!

Despite his flaws, Po never gave up on his dream of becoming a kung fu master. If someone sees the same kind of determination in you, they might compare you to the beloved character.

10) Your Eating Habits:

You are always eating. Just like a panda, you always seem to have a snack in hand. Whether it’s a bag of chips or a piece of fruit, you’re constantly munching on something.

A less flattering reason why someone might call you a panda could be if they see you as lazy and always eating – similar to how some people view pandas as being slow-moving creatures who mostly eat bamboo all day long.

11) Your Black And White Outfit:

Sometimes the way you dress and present yourself can attract nicknames too. So, your black and white outfit could be the reason why a guy calls you a panda. As pandas are known for their distinct black and white fur, if you’re wearing an outfit that features these colors prominently, it could evoke thoughts of the cute and cuddly bear.

Calling someone by a nickname can also create a sense of intimacy between two people, which he may be trying to establish with you.

12) You Share Similar Interests:

If both of you share an interest in pandas or animals in general, then calling each other by animal nicknames could be something fun and quirky between the two of you.

Unlike more common nicknames like “babe” or “honey,” being called panda could set you apart from others.

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What To Do When Someone Calls You Panda?

The term “panda” can have different connotations depending on the circumstances. If a loved one or friend who adores pandas uses it as a nickname for you, it’s likely a term of endearment. However, if someone you don’t know or who uses it offensively calls you “panda,” it is done to insult or offend you.

So, it’s important to consider what was said and how it was said when interpreting the meaning behind being called a panda. Was the tone playful or mocking? Was there any hint of sarcasm? These nuances can greatly impact how the comment is received.

Ultimately, context matters when deciphering whether being called panda is meant to be complimentary or hurtful. It’s always best to communicate with the person who commented to clarify their intentions rather than making assumptions based solely on what was said.

It’s important to understand the intentions behind why someone is calling you a panda before getting too worked up about it. If it’s meant as an insult, it’s best to address the behavior in a calm and assertive manner. However, if it’s meant as a term of endearment, there’s no harm in embracing it and taking pride in your adorable qualities!


Depending on his context and tone, a guy calling you a panda could be insulting or endearing. Calling someone a panda could be a form of mockery or a veiled insult. If the guy uses the nickname lovingly and admiringly, then there’s no reason to take it seriously.

However, if he seems to be using it sarcastically or as a way of belittling you, then it may be worth confronting him about his intentions.

So, if someone calls you a panda, you should assess the situation based on the speaker’s tone and body language. Don’t hold back from telling them how you feel if being called panda insults you or makes you uneasy.

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