10 Subtle Signs His Ex Is Jealous Of You

People where rush into relationships from one to one in this modern era, and it has become a common thing more than ever to have an ex in everyone’s life. If you are currently in a relationship with someone who broke up recently with his ex, it’s natural to wonder if there is any threat from his previous partner. Sometimes you may even wonder whether she is jealous of you.

Jealousy is a powerful emotion stemming from many things, including insecurities and unresolved feelings. In the case of an ex-partner, jealousy may arise from seeing someone else step into their former role or when feeling threatened by the happiness of their previous significant other.

Signs His Ex Is Jealous Of You:

Jealousy from an ex is common, especially when the relationship ends on bad terms. The feeling of being replaced or seeing your former partner move on with someone else can trigger jealousy and resentment towards their new partner. It’s also possible that the ex may feel like they lost something valuable and essential, which leads to envy.

This is why some exes may try to undermine or sabotage their former partners’ new relationships. So, it is important to recognize signs these signs to enable you to protect yourself and create necessary boundaries.

1) She Stalks Your Social Media:

Generally, women tend to stalk people they admire, are jealous of, or are interested in. If you have noticed that your boyfriend’s ex is constantly checking out your social media accounts and liking or commenting on your posts, it could be a sign that she is jealous of you.

This behavior can often indicate that she is still emotionally invested in her former relationship with her partner and is keeping a close eye on his current love life.

When someone stalks your social media, chances are they are trying to gather information about you and keep track of your every move. It can be a way for them to feel like they still have some connection or control over their ex-partner’s life.

So, if you notice this behavior, don’t get tempted to engage in online drama or retaliate by stalking their social media in return, as this will only escalate the situation further. Instead, focus on building a healthy and happy relationship with your partner while respecting his past experiences and relationships.

As we already discussed, jealousy is often rooted in insecurity, so try to approach the situation with empathy and understanding.

2) She’s Overly Curious About Your Relationship:

Another sign that your boyfriend’s ex is jealous of you is she will be overly curious about your relationship. You can track down this relationship by their behavior, like when they ask mutual friends about your activities, constantly check your social media profiles, etc.

You can also notice that she will try to engage you in conversations about your relationship and may ask personal questions that are too nosy or inappropriate. Although curiosity is not always harmless but sometimes it can mean that they have ill intentions.

So, if you notice this behavior from your boyfriend’s ex, you must protect yourself from any potential drama or manipulation. You can ensure this by limiting contact with her as much as possible, avoiding conversations that include personal details of your relationship, and keeping private information off social media platforms where she can monitor you.

Remember that though it’s natural for people to be curious about their exes’ new partners, there is a line between healthy interest and obsessive behavior that needs to be respected for everyone’s sake.

3) She Competes You In Everything:

One of the signs that your boyfriend’s ex is jealous of you is when she becomes more competitive with you. This can be seen in various ways, such as trying to one-up you in conversations, boasting about her achievements/ possessions, or even attempting to downgrade your accomplishments. She may also try to compete for your partner’s attention or affection by flirting with him while trying to ridicule his current relationship.

This competitiveness can signify that his ex is struggling with insecurity and inferiority. By trying to prove herself superior to you, she hopes to regain lost control and self-esteem. She also tries to make herself look better than you, for instance, by dressing better, getting a new hairstyle, etc. These actions are motivated by a desire to compete with the person she is jealous of, which is you.

As this behavior can also be harmful and toxic for both parties involved, it’s important not to engage in the same behavior when you notice this from his ex. Remember that her actions do not reflect your worth or value.

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4) She Is Hostile Toward You:

If your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend is making it clear that she doesn’t want you around, it’s a big red flag. If this is her intention, she will call you names or start fights with you in front of your partner without any valid reason.

She will force your boyfriend to choose sides by portraying you as a bad person. She tries to make you feel bad and gives you the impression that you are less of a person than she is, and she holds a part of him that you can never access.

If she’s doing this, you must know that it’s time to have a serious conversation with your partner and make him realize what’s actually happening behind his back. If you procrastinate trying to find the right moment, it will be too late, and your boyfriend might fall into her trap.

5) She Talks Ill About You:

If your boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend constantly talks negatively about you to him, it can be a sign that she’s jealous of your relationship with her ex. She will have her reasons for her nature. Some people get jealous if their ex seems happier than them or when they feel it was unfair how they broke up.

Bad-mouthing someone behind their back is never a good sign, and it says more about the doer than it does about the person they’re talking about. If your guy’s ex-girlfriend constantly puts you down or points out your flaws, do not take it personally. But do not neglect it either.

Have a conversation with your boyfriend, telling him how uncomfortable this makes you feel. Ultimately, you should be his priority, and he needs to make some serious decisions if she still causes your problems. He needs to prove who holds more value in his life.

6) She Tries So Hard To Be Always Around Him:

Another sign that his ex-girlfriend is jealous of you is when she always tries to be around him; she will suddenly show up at places where he hangs out, even if it’s not her usual scene. She may start attending events or parties with mutual friends just to get a glimpse of him and make you feel uncomfortable if she has the chance.

It’s a red flag if she goes the extra mile and starts showing up at his workplace or neighborhood. Clearly, she is trying to assert her presence and keep tabs on your relationship. This behavior should not be tolerated, but it should be handled carefully with grace and tactics.

The key is approaching the situation calmly but firmly as a team. Talk things through with your partner, and don’t hesitate to stand up for yourself.

7) She Will Be Your Copycat:

Have you noticed that you and your boyfriend’s ex seem to share many things in common recently? Or do you suspect her of copying your fashion and hairstyle? There is a reason behind asking these questions, as it’s not uncommon for jealous people to copy everything from your looks to your actions.

At first, it may seem like a form of flattery, but it can become annoying over time.

If you notice this sign, don’t get worried. On the other hand, feel more confident because it’s likely a sign that you are better than she was with him or you’re doing a better job at building a healthy relationship than she did.

8) She Tries To Be Your Friend:

Even though she is jealous of you, she will try to hide the jealousy and act like your friend. She attempts to get closer to you to know more about you and your relationship with her ex.

So, if his ex is becoming too friendly and is trying to come too close for comfort, something is fishy, and you should raise an eyebrow.

Sometimes, women mask their jealousy with fake friendliness and use it to do things that they cannot do if they open up about their feelings. So be mindful if your boyfriend’s ex is over-friendly with you, especially if you do not know her before your current relationship.

If this is the case, you must be careful and set boundaries to safeguard yourself.

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9) She Will Give You Insincere Praises:

Have you ever felt that your guy’s ex tries to be sarcastically nice by offering backhanded compliments? An insecure individual often engages in passive-aggressive behavior, such as praising you in person but speaking ill of you behind your back.

If you observe keenly, she will also have a delayed or hesitant reaction when congratulating or acknowledging your success. It’s her envy causing her to feel conflicted.

10) She Will Exclude You From Plans:

If your boyfriend still maintains some relationship with her ex because they share a child and visit them occasionally, you can notice that she will try to exclude you from such events. Suppose his ex invites only your boyfriend to ‘family occasions’ but never includes you, such as celebrations for their kids’ birthdays or graduations. In that case, she won’t even bother to invite you formally.

Also, she will rage whenever your boyfriend requests to bring you along. She may even try to make you feel guilty for taking your boyfriend’s attention away from ‘his family.’

11) She Flirts With Your Boyfriend:

If your partner’s ex is flirting with him, it is a sign that she is jealous of you and wants to get a reaction from you. She tries to taunt you at her best at every given opportunity. However, you should rise above this and not react because that’s exactly what she wants.

She is trying to show you that she still has some power over your partner, so ignore her and don’t feed negativity. Also, it is not your responsibility to stop her, but it’s your partner who should set boundaries and make it clear to her that his commitment is to you.

It’s your boyfriend’s responsibility to handle the situation; if he doesn’t, it’s a red flag. If he allows her to flirt and enjoys her presence while ignoring your feelings, he may not be the right man for you.

12) She Always Brings Up The Past:

If his ex frequently reminisces about the old times and her relationship with your partner, it could be a sign that she is trying to mess with your head. By bringing up memories and comparing their past relationship to yours, she is trying to make you feel insecure and inferior.

She also attempts to make your boyfriend feel nostalgic for their great times together. She would brag how his family loved her and all.

13) She Brings Up Your Name In Her Conversations With Him:

If your boyfriend still has a talking relationship with his ex-girlfriend, you can notice that she always brings up your name in their conversations. You would find out she’s asking your partner different questions about you. Questions that can potentially reveal your personal and serious details.


When a person leaves a relationship and starts another, the new person they date will most likely be significantly better than the old one (their ex) because everybody loves an upgrade. So, it is not unusual for your boyfriend’s ex to be jealous of you, especially if they notice that you have great qualities comparatively.

Jealousy from an ex is a normal emotional response to a breakup. However, it’s crucial for both parties to acknowledge and deal with these emotions in healthy ways instead of allowing them to turn into bitterness and resentment toward each other.

If you think that your boyfriend’s ex is jealous of you, it is important to approach the situation with empathy and understanding. Communicating openly with your partner about their ex’s behavior can be helpful. You need your boyfriend on your side.

Additionally, setting boundaries with his ex will be beneficial if their actions are causing discomfort or trouble in your relationship. This could include limiting communication or avoiding certain situations where the ex may try to provoke jealousy.

It is also recommended to introspect whether your actions or behavior contribute to the other person’s jealousy.

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