Do Guys Like Neck Kisses? – It Depends (Here’s Why)

A kiss can drive a man wild, and it shows your level of comfort with him, your adoration, as well as your affection. In a relationship, a good kiss can sometimes be even more intimate than sex. But there are so many types of kisses to choose from, depending on what stage of the relationship. In fact, men love all kinds of kisses beyond those just with closed mouths — they like to be kissed on different parts of their body, which are incredibly sexy.

Unlike a forehead kiss or a kiss on the cheek, a kiss on the neck is an act most definitely not done by friends, and it is a much more intimate affair. When someone kisses you that way, it undeniably means they’re into you physically.

Some women wonder, what do guys think about neck kisses? Do they enjoy them as much as women do? In this article, we’ll explore the answer to the question.

Do Guys Like Neck Kisses?

The neck is a sensitive and vulnerable body part, and kissing the neck is considered an intimate act. It is a known fact that many guys enjoy kissing their partner’s neck, but do they enjoy it too when being kissed on their neck? Well, the answer is – it depends.

Some guys may like it and get aroused by neck kisses, while some may find them weird as it is an individual preference. Let’s see the cases why a would like or dislike neck kisses, and we will also give you some tips about neck kisses.

Why Would A Guy Like Neck Kisses:

Guys like neck kisses for many reasons; in fact, most men love to be kissed on every part of their body, as a kiss is a sign of affection and love. It satisfies their ego and makes them feel loved by their woman.

1)  It’s Arousing:

First of all, “Do you like a soft kiss on your neck?” It is arousing. Right? So, men like it too, for the same reason. Such affection can release the sensuality of even the shyest person.

Neck kisses are arousing and help him get into the mood instantly if a girl kisses him right. You can experiment with this on your partner, and if it works, it can be one of the best kinds of foreplay to put him in the right mood for the next series of actions.

2) It is A Sign of Intimacy:

Men like getting kissed on their necks because they feel closer to you when you do it. Only people who are really close to each other can kiss on the neck, as the neck is considered an intimate and vulnerable part of the body.

They are most often seen among couples in long-term relationships as it requires a certain level of closeness and trust that only people who have been together for a while possess.

A simple kiss or a soft bite on their neck can kickstart a steamy session of sensual activities that can be pleasurable for both of you. Neck kisses can spur the desire in men, and they will be right into the action. You can use this easy tool to seduce them, and they get goosebumps, a known sign of sexual arousal, as it excites their senses.

3) He Wants You To Initiate:

Men love it if their partner initiates romance as it boosts their confidence and assures them they are also wanted.

A neck kiss has all the potential to kindle a fire between two bodies and lay a foundation for a hot make-out session. They love it when their woman dominates them occasionally and lead them into the bedroom. They want you to take charge, and you can start it with a neck kiss.

4) He Wants Reciprocity:

Men kiss your neck all the time to put you in the mood. And sometimes, they want you to do the same, the exchange and reciprocity of love. Once in a while, they want you to initiate things for a change.

When he showers you with all his love, he would love to be felt the same from you.

5) He Finds It Emotionally Binding:

It is not just physical; a neck kiss can be emotional too, as it has the power to create a difficult-to-break emotional bond between the two people involved in it. Guys with sensitive hearts and those who are passive would love emotional attachments like these, especially from their loved ones.

So, sometimes a neck kiss can make a man fall in love with you.

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6) He Wants You To Appreciate His Perfume/ Fragrance:

Some may have a thing for fragrances and appreciate it when their partner notices it too. Probably, he might have spent a great deal on a particular brand of perfume and thinks it can put you in the mood too. It means he applied it just for you to smell it before you get more intimate with him.

So, if he is someone, who loves perfumes and wants to show them off to you, then there is nothing better than a neck kiss to get enticed by his fragrance. Sexual tension related to neck kissing is a powerful thing that is sometimes really hard to resist.

Reasons Why Some Guys May Not Like Neck Kisses:

1)  He Finds It Weird:

We cannot generalize everything, and some people may find certain acts weird. It’s just part of their personality, and we must accept it. It makes them who they are. They may like every other act of intimacy except a neck kiss.

Some guys may dislike it when you kiss them on the neck, but that doesn’t mean they will never do the same to you. They may kiss you on the neck if you like it, and by doing so, they may even enjoy it. It means that they feel uncomfortable only when it comes to their neck. Some men don’t even want you to touch their necks.

2) He Wants To Be The One To Kiss On Neck:

Some guys see kissing on the neck as a sign of dominance, and they always want to be the one who kisses the neck in the relationship. So, we can say that it’s a gender-role issue because they thought that only a man could do to a woman. They are the classic example of a victim of our patriarchal society.

A neck kiss has an element of the kisser being in control and having power that macho guys might object to. They feel it as a passive sign, and guys like these neither know what a neck kiss can do to them (sexually) nor are interested in trying it out.

On the other hand, guys often aren’t the subject of that kind of tenderness, so even a little of it can be amazing and unique.

3) He Has A Bad Memory:

Some may not like the feeling of moving lips on the back of their neck because of bad memories, or it can just be a weird personality thing. People with PTSD will still have to face the consequences and trauma of their past. So, that’s why some avoid getting kissed on their necks.

Some people can be scared of bite injuries from the person who is kissing them. People tend to get excited during lovemaking, and bite injuries on the neck are a pretty common result of it.

4) It Just Doesn’t Arouse Him:

For some people, using neck kisses to seduce them during foreplay would be a waste of time. They don’t get aroused and feel that neck kisses are only overrated and all. So these guys may not even kiss on the neck to you because of their experience and thought process.

People who are ticklish around the neck region may get uncomfortable whenever someone kisses there, so instead of arousing them, neck kisses can only make them roll with laughter along with a weird sense of discomfort.

In these cases, you have to find something other than neck kisses to seduce them.

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5) He Is Secretly Married or Having Another Affair:

Married guys are not big fans of neck kisses since they could leave EVIDENCE. Sometimes too much sucking and biting can leave marks which are called hickeys (love bites), so married men don’t like to leave any evidence that will lead them into trouble when they go back to their home.

6) He Is Self Aware:

Some guys are a bit self-aware about how they look and smell. They are always careful about how they dress up, and they don’t even like to experiment with looks or, for that matter, with anything. So, their self-aware nature generally holds them from enjoying intimacy and many things, as they get discomfort when someone comes too close to them, which is required for a neck kiss.

These people are often a bit much aware of their bodies or certain body parts and fear intimacy. They want to be perfect all the time, and in this process, they lose out on great feelings and spontaneous intimacy.

Things You Can Do While Kissing A Guy’s Neck:

1)  Make Him Feel Comfortable:

Try to make the guy you are with feel comfortable before initiating intimacy. It is especially recommended when you guys are in a new relationship and when the guy is a bit shy, as he won’t tell you much about himself and his likes and dislikes.

With guys who don’t make the first move, initiating intimacy becomes your responsibility. You will have to figure out what they like based on their behavior and words.

2) Ask For Content:

Consent is the key here. He may or may not feel comfortable with a neck kiss, so ask for his permission before you attempt it. Don’t assume that he will be up for any kind of intimacy just because he is a man. We should never assume things like that.

This can ruin things if you guys are in a new relationship and you know nothing about him or his sexual preferences. This is why it is always advisable to ask for permission to avoid unpleasant situations.

3) Try To Attain Emotional Bonding:

Before attempting anything like a neck kiss, try to get attached to each other emotionally, as the emotional bond is a must to function well in a relationship. You can build that by doing the following:

  • Talking about your past relationships (if you are comfortable)
  • Talking about your sexual preferences and your discomforts
  • Talking about your sexual adventures in the past and your fantasies
  • Doing something that will make him feel special
  • Asking relevant and random questions to find out more about each other
  • Trying to find a common area of interest or a hobby

4) Don’t Kiss If He Cringes:

After you set everything right and start kissing him on the neck, if you feel that he cringes, then stop right there. It could be his way of saying that he is not enjoying it. Some people will tell how they feel about something without any inhibition, while others express their discomfort cryptically.

Some shy people can only convey their feelings through facial expressions and body language. So, if a guy cringes at a neck kiss, it can indicate he is uncomfortable touching his neck with your lips.

When you notice any sign of discomfort, you should first stop kissing at once and ask him about his preference. If he had any bad experiences in the past, you should make him feel more comfortable first and divert his attention from them.

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5) Talk About Each Other:

Knowing each other’s likes and dislikes before getting intimate is a good idea. The first time can always be a bit awkward, and you can make it smooth only with experience and practice. Open conversations make it easier for you to get him into the mood.

You can connect mentally when you understand each other well. This mental connection plays a significant role during physical intimacy.

6) Don’t Force Yourself On Him:

Nobody wants to do something they don’t like forcefully. So, you should not force yourself on him with neck kisses if he doesn’t like them. You may enjoy them, but he need not feel the same. Mutual respect is essential in relationships; you should never do something that might pull you apart.

You can talk about your issues, and if you feel that this is a concern for you, you may break up with him. It may sound harsh, but there is no other way if you take something so seriously and cannot force it on someone. A relationship should always be compatible to feel happy and fulfilled.

7) Stop When He Asks You To Stop:

While kissing a guy on his neck, if he asks to stop, you should stop. We agree that neck kisses are pleasurable for many people, but not everyone feels the same.

You might feel confused about this because this very person who often enjoys kissing your neck is now asking you to stop and feeling discomfort about it. But you must respect his boundaries and interests, and he needs to do the same.

8) Explore Other Things:

There are innumerable other things to explore and enjoy other than neck kisses. Remember that the same foreplay can quickly turn boring, so keep it vibrant and diverse. Find new things together which you both are comfortable with.

After all, neck kisses are not the only way in the world to show intimacy. Spice up your life with new experiments; be curious and optimistic.

9) Set Up The Perfect Ambiance:

The right kind of ambiance is necessary for romance. Find a place with little or no disturbance and put on music that sets the mood right. You guys must be peaceful to dive deep into each other’s love and enjoy the intimacy. Neck kisses can be extremely pleasurable if done in the right way in the right place, and what’s better than having pleasant music in the background?

You can even light scented candles to enhance it but be careful to bring the ones with a fragrance that both of you like and can relate to. Take your time and move with the flow, don’t do it in haste, or you will end up in an uncomfortable situation.

How To Kiss A Guy’s Neck:

Start low and slow, right above his shoulder. Purse your lips and leave a trail of tiny kisses on the line of his neck. Then, blow a little and suck on a small area for a second but be gentle. See if he likes it. Nibbling, licking, and blowing on the neck are great ways to tease what’s coming.

Then slowly, switch between light kisses and a bit of tongue; you can blow on that area to stimulate all those nerve endings. Perform sucking motions and gently breathe all over it, then kiss it again. You can continue this same process right under the ear as well.

You can also open your mouth a little wide while kissing his neck and then slowly close it in a gentle sucking motion. But be careful not to give him a love bite.

It’s normal to feel nervous at first, but with a little bit of practice, you will learn to love all that it has to offer, and you and your partner will enjoy the perks of it for a long, long time!

Summing Up:

Neck kisses indicate that they are exceptionally sexually attracted to you and they’re doing everything they can to show you how badly they want you. The neck contains some of the most vital arteries under its skin and is also an erogenous zone. Getting kissed on the neck stimulates the nerve ending. Therefore your entire body feels it causing you to develop goosebumps all over your body. This is also why it can drive both men and women equally wild when touched.

Neck kisses can be an incredibly intimate and sensual experience in a relationship. They can show someone you care deeply for them and are willing to explore every inch of their body with passion and affection.

However, it’s important to note that everyone may have different preferences regarding intimacy. It’s always best to communicate with your partner about what they like and dislike to ensure that you’re both on the same page regarding physical affection in your relationship.

Remember, no matter where you’re kissing your partner, the key is to pay attention. “Are they moving closer to you or pulling away? Is their breath quickening, or are they trying not to laugh because they’re ticklish? You can tailor your approach to your partner, as you can typically tell what a guy thinks if you pay attention to his body language.



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