How To Kiss A Guy Shorter Than You? Level the Playing Field

There has been this stereotype where that masculinity is associated with height. Shorter men are seen as less desirable in most of the cases. It is no surprise to say that some women are wary of getting with a short guy. But this article is not for them. Are you dating a hot guy who is shorter than you? Then this is for girls like you. Let’s see how to kiss a short guy and give some love to your short boyfriend.

How To Kiss A Guy Shorter Than You:

The average height of a man is about 5 foot 8, but this does not mean that every man has to be over that height. Imagining all men needs to be over 6 feet is unrealistic. You need to unlearn these unspoken prejudices if you want to have a happy and peaceful relationship with your man. We will tell you a few points to focus on before you do what you need to do.

Unlearn Your Prejudice:

First of all, don’t think too much about what other people think. That’s not a proper way to live your life. It is your life, and you should live it for yourself, not for others or their silly opinions. So, don’t waste your precious things in your life on other people who aren’t invested for the right reasons. If you have met your perfect guy and he is a shortie, accept it!! It’s just a part of him and most certainly not a reason to call it quits.

There can be added benefit for dating a guy who might be less endowed because, the 6-foot guys may always presume that they can get away with their looks and body, and they may often lack the nous or interest in pleasuring you while the short guy can be a better communicator. He tries to make you feel good as best as he can to make you forget his height.

Note: You can do things that will make him easier to accept himself if he struggles with insecurities about his height. Things to boost his confidence.

Embrace Your Own Height:

Treat your insecurities too. There will be some complexity about sharing a kiss with a short guy. If you have your own insecurities about being a tall woman, there are chances that they may resurface when you are about to kiss him. However, there are higher chances that these are thoughts that only you have.

When you feel this way, try to take a moment and recontextualize how you feel about your height. If you are taller, you should see it as a positive side like it’s making you powerful but never as a source of trouble. The opinions or stares from others should not make you feel awkward about kissing your boyfriend.

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Get Creative:

When you are kissing him, do not think about the fact you are stooping to kiss him, just focus on the kiss. Also, there are always new angles that you can try out with your partner. Find a way to have fun with your creativity. When you can control your overthinking, you will remember that you are here only to have some quality time with the person you care about. Use your surroundings to even out the height difference.

Look for something in your environment that can help you and your partner get closer together. This could be a fixture of the building or street, such as a staircase or a ledge, or it could be a piece of furniture, such as a barstool or footstool.

Kiss Sitting Down:

If you are still bothered by the fact of kissing a short guy, then sat down somewhere. As most of the action happens horizontally, it will be much more comfortable for both of you especially if he is still new to relationships and before he masters his insecurities to learn better techniques. But make sure that the furniture you sit on is sturdy enough to support both of you. Breaking a chair or falling out of it might not be the most romantic scenario.

kissing on a bench
Image Credits: Photo by Tiny Tribes from Pixabay

Don’t Wear High Heels:

If you are going out with a shorter guy, it may be better if you avoid your high heels sot hat you can feel more comfortable and don’t need to worry about intimidating him with your height.

We agree that not wearing high heels can be annoying sometimes because you feel more confident when you are wearing high heels. Also, some clothes are designed in a way such that they match high heels to make the outfit work. Having said that, there will be surely some ways to allow you to dress well without wearing high heels.

Ensure He Feels Comfortable:

The best version of everyone comes when they are relaxed and not concerned about what everyone else is thinking. So, make the situation lighter and more comfortable before you go for a kiss as everyone deserves to take their time and enjoy a kiss rather than rushing through it in panic, only to regret it later.

Don’t make a big deal about it:

Do not think that something is going wrong and be a boomer about it. The more you will think about it, the more you will ignite your insecurities. Height does not impact the quality of a kiss; it is not military training so just chill. There are more important things to ponder about in relationships.

Treat it Like any other kiss:

Lastly, do not make a fuss about it. Yes, you may be stooping but guys have to do that all the time. No Big deal. Couples are rarely the same height and that’s what makes things fun. So, just roll with you and enjoy all the love and beauty of your relationship.

Note: If it’s your first kiss, remember that they can be always weird and wonderful, so just accept that you will improve over time. As you are talking to him, slow down and look at him while getting closer to him physically. When you move your face toward his face, he will gradually feel the sexual tension and probably want to kiss you too. But if he still hasn’t kissed you, then you can playfully touch his lips while telling him a joke. This shows you are an adventurous and spontaneous woman.

Be Confident:

There is nothing more attractive than confidence, no matter how short or tall you are. Focus on the qualities for which you are attracted to this person, not the negatives. Take Control and Initiate the kiss —  it will really turn him on. You can do it even if he is very shy and hasn’t kissed you yet. It’s ok for you to kiss him first as many men secretly hope that their women can be more proactive. So why not surprise him with a sweet soft kiss?


To answer how to kiss a guy who is shorter than you is the same way you kiss a woman who’s shorter than you. Don’t try to follow everything you read or heard somewhere as it will be a lot more fun trying to figure it out with your partner.

As we have already discussed, the easiest thing to do would be to kiss while sitting or laying down because the height difference isn’t obvious anymore. But while standing up it can be pretty uncomfortable to bend down for you. You should consider your posture if you still want to do it standing.

Correct Posture: Take a step back as far as you need, so that there will be space between you to lean. Stare him in the eyes and smile.  You can also find some stairs or other objects, and you can use them to make your height equal. Then lean down to them to be at their eye level, and the rest is quite easy, you just diiive in.


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