20 Telltale Signs A Married Woman Wants To Sleep With You

Men and women differ in how they express sensual interest. Due to society, it can be easier for men to be straightforward with their approach, while for women, it is different. Most women may not openly admit that they want to sleep with you. They are complicated human beings, and just when you feel that all is going well and you understand her completely, they can totally surprise you with just the opposite.

What they do is give you green lights and signs that they want to go down with you. Many men have missed the chance to bed the woman they desire simply because they were not attentive to these signs from women. Also, women are not interested in sex all the time like men. So you have to be sure before initiating anything because if you misread her signs, you might get into trouble. You could endanger a platonic relationship or probably lose a caring young friend.

Signs A Married Woman Wants To Sleep With You

Married women are more mature and forward than teenage girls, and they may show their interest in you more openly. If you suspect a married woman is attracted to you, she can be your colleague, neighbor, or someone from your friend circle. Then You have to watch the signs before taking any action.

Just because she’s married doesn’t mean she doesn’t find other men attractive, especially when the woman has issues in her marriage. In this case, they want the fill void by looking for attention elsewhere. Although pursuing a married woman isn’t the smartest idea and definitely not recommended by us, you should be sure before approaching her if that’s something you want to do. Here are some signs a married woman wants to sleep with you.

1) Flirtatious Body Language:

Body language plays a vital role in our communication, and as we say, body language can speak louder than what we say. Mostly, people don’t even realize what signs they’re emitting, but our body language can tell someone what kind of emotions we are currently experiencing or how we feel about them within an instant.

So, when a woman is attracted to you, she will say it with her body before it comes out of her mouth. It vibrates all over. You know it, she knows it, and both of you can sense it – with her body language, it is pretty straightforward.

Don’t get too excited. Some women are naturally flirtatious, so you should wait and see if you notice any more signs.

2) Telling Dirty Jokes:

Your married female friend tests the waters by telling dirty jokes to check whether you will follow her down the road she’s taking you on. She will observe how comfortable you are with her mentioning sex in a joke. If you are enjoying and laughing with her, she will hope she is in with a chance.

If you seem uncomfortable or change the subject, she’ll probably back off or think of another plan, but if you engage with her, she’ll take it to the next level.

3) Having Sexual Conversation:

She pushes the boundaries from telling dirty jokes to having sexual conversations. A woman trying to give you hints will bring sex now and then in her discussions with you. She may keep mentioning sex as this is a form of slow teasing and seduction.

Most married women aren’t going to chase the man they want; instead, they will make it evident that they’re interested and wait for the man to approach. She’ll flirt and see if he takes the bait as most of us picture a sexual act in our minds on hearing the term ‘sex’.

When this happens regularly, it can indicate that she is trying to arouse you and likely needs you to get hot for her.

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4) She Wears Provocative Clothes In Front Of You:

A woman who wants to sleep with you will try to seduce you by wearing sexy outfits. She wants to show you her sexy curves and get you hooked on her. She starts wearing low-cut tops only to lean forward in front of you to give you a good view. Also, do things like wearing a short skirt and bending over to pick something off the ground accidentally on purpose.

Unbotting her blouse on purpose, even though it is not warm and could be as cold as ice. She knows that men go wild when women expose their intimate parts, and she’s hoping she’ll have that effect on you by sending you a direct message about what she wants from you.

Usually, when a lady gets married, she’ll dress conservatively, in most cases reflecting her marriage commitment. But if she suddenly wears attractive clothes when she is mainly around you, then it can be a sign that she desires to sleep with you.

5) She Stares At You:

If a married woman wants you, she stares at you like she wants to devour you. She rarely breaks eye contact; remember, it’s not regular eye contact. You can see that she is crazy for you as it is written in her eyes. The woman will stare at you deeply as if she is undressing you with her eyes.

If you are colleagues and sit opposite each other while working, you will often catch her staring at you. She will quickly lower her gaze when she realizes that she is busted. She cannot keep her eyes away from you as she’s completely into you.

She may not be vocal about her desires, but her eyes might say everything you need to know. Watch out for it, and you can sense the tension of sex.

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6) She Flirts With You Via Text:

She will always have a plan, and you can see that her text messages are never innocent. She may say things like, “I am watching some romantic movie with my husband now, and the guy in it reminds me of you,” “I am alone in the house and licking this juicy ice lolly,” or “I feel so cold right now, and I need to cuddle.”

All her messages hint at something sexual as she desperately tries to tell you that she wants to go to bed with you. Women are generally not open about these things, so if she tells you that she wants to have a sensual time, it’s a sign that she wants that person to be you.

7) She Sends You Her Sexy Selfies By Accident:

Don’t be surprised if you even if you get a semi-nude selfie from this woman. She will send it to you accidentally on purpose to see how you react. Her goal is to sear the image of her naked body into your mind so that you may start thinking about her sexually.

Even if she doesn’t get the desired response, she’ll have achieved one thing, i.e., now you will know what she looks like, partially naked. When she does this, she would want you to be just as direct as her and tell her how sexy she looks.

8) She Shares Intimate Details of Her Love Life with You:

She definitely doesn’t have to boast about her bl*wjob skills in front of you. Nor she is needed to tell you which position she enjoys on the bed. But she will. Married women who open up about their sex life can be the easiest to bed.

She wants to sleep with you, but the only thing stopping her is her conscience. From there, all you have to do is to continue building the sexual tension, and you’ll bed her in no time.

9) Shares Her Sex Life or Ask About Yours:

If she shares how unhappy she is with her non-existent sex life, then it could be an indirect invitation to you to satisfy her sexual cravings. Small things like these might not scream, “I need you in my bed!” right away, but you must carefully observe and decipher these sexual innuendos. What better way to make someone think of you sexually than to have them imagine you having sex?

Although she doesn’t really care if you’ve got a partner, she will also ask about your love life because she wants to know if you are just as miserable in your relationship as hers. Understand that it’s also more a message than a question.

She may even comment something like you would be happy and fully satisfied with her if she had the chance to be your girlfriend. She is trying to make you dare to step up and please her.

10) Complaining About Her Husband:

If she’s especially loud about how bad her husband is, she is trying to tell you that she is not happy in her marriage. She may say things like her husband never compliments her, hoping you’ll come to her rescue and start showering her with all the compliments.

She tells you her secrets and unsavory goings-on in her current marriage. She may even tell you that she no longer loves her husband. She will complain that her husband is lazy and not helping with any of the housework, then she adds that “you are very different. If you had a girlfriend, she would be the luckiest woman on this planet.”

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Note: If She says, “Why didn’t I meet you before?” or something similar to you, then she’s simply regretting her married life. Her honeymoon phase might be over, and now she’s considering how she could’ve gone for better options.

11) She Gets Inappropriate With You When She’s Drunk:

The woman will get naughty with you when drunk; she touches your thighs, wraps herself around you, and gets raunchy. But she only had one drink!

She is simply using alcohol to do what she has always wanted to do with you, and she also knows that it’s a good excuse if she gets caught. She would just say that it’s the alcohol making her do these things. Moreover, she might even say she cannot recall doing these things to you when she becomes sober.

12) She Invites You To Her Place:

Since she’s married, she cannot initiate any funny business out in public. So, she will try to have alone time with you without creating suspicion. You may see these unexpected Invitations to her house, and generally, lunch is preferred over dinner because, at that time, the husband is busy working. In contrast, she will be busy cooking for the family at dinner time.

Also, another advantage of being at her place while her husband’s away is the bedroom will be just a few steps away, just in case you make any move.

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A married woman can’t just get anybody to bed, as hooking up with the wrong guy could spell disaster for her marriage. So, if she allows you, perhaps you’re the right guy.

13) She Would Make Excuses to Talk to You or Ask for Your Help:

If a married woman is interested in a man, she often makes excuses to talk to him. She may try to initiate the conversation by asking a favor. She’d ask the most prominent “work-related” questions if you are colleagues. And if you are a family friend who comes over to their house often, she will take full advantage of this situation and ask you if you can fix something in her room while her husband is away.

You can notice that she lies seductively on the bed or poses seductively while she watches you fixing the light or the sink, hoping you’ll take the hint and ‘fix’ her after!

14) She Wants To Spend Time With You:

She’ll spend every break and lunchtime with you if you work together. After work, she wants you to walk her to her car or the bus stop. If you’re a family friend, she’ll be a part of every conversation at social events.

She sits close to you at any given opportunity. She sits next to you even when she can sit down anywhere else in the room, as she is drawn to you.

Both parties will be hungry for affection when a marriage is already dying. So, when you give her attention, she will feel all the feels. She feels alive again and feels good about herself again.

15) She Makes Time For You:

A woman who’s happy in her marriage will have no time for you as she spends all her energy on her family. Yet, if she is available to you, she is probably looking forward to your move on her. Ensure you don’t make her wait too long. She may lose her interest if you take too long.

You have to offer her something that she can’t get at home. We’re not talking about sex here. Basically, any woman can get sex easily. So It’s things like having a friendly chat, taking an interest in her, telling her she’s amazing. When she’s been married for a while, she might feel lacking in these issues.

16) Personality Change

If she behaves differently in front of you compared to the people she is usually around. If that is the case, you are lucky as the woman is into you.

17) She Won’t Bother Even If You Touch Her:

She will not bother, like at all. Even if you leave your hands on her lap for a few minutes, she won’t budge. Generally, you would expect her to pull herself back and frown at you if she doesn’t intend to betray her husband… but no. That’s not what she will do. If anything, she might even smile at you to encourage you to proceed further.

She wants it, and she is just waiting for the right time when you muster up your courage and ‘level up’ on your moves.

18) She Whispers Things In Your Ears:

When no one is around, she’ll get real close and whisper something in your ear. She doesn’t need to whisper, but whispering intensifies whatever is being said, making it much more seducing.

Does her tone become strangely sensuous when she talks to you? Then she is playing her moves right as seduction in a woman’s tone is one of her best weapons to woo someone. Her soft and sensual tone can get you in the mood instantly.

19) She Stays Close To You

One of the signs a woman wants to sleep with you is that she likes touching you often. If you don’t know, touch is a strong indicator of desire; it is crucial in building sensual tension and chemistry with someone.

She will hug you so often just to make you feel her curves. When she does that, get the whiff of her pheromones, smell her perfume, and now imagine what it would be like to see her without the barrier of clothing.

There is a clear distinction between a friendly hug and a passionate hug. Observe and experience what kind of hug you get from her!

20) She Tests Your Morals:

Just because she wants to sleep with you does not mean she will leave her husband for you. Probably, she is just looking to have some fun, so she tries to make sure you’re just as immoral as her. For that, she may ask questions like “Have you ever fancied a friend’s or a relative’s girlfriend?”

If you say yes, she will ask, “Did you fantasize about having sex with her?” If you say yes again, she will ask, “Do you think there’s anything wrong with sleeping with a married woman if she’s not happy in her marriage? or something similar. And if you respond no, she’s got you right where she wants you.

At this point, you can observe that she gets heavy with the flirting in hopes that you get her message that she’s the married woman she was talking about.

Summing Up:

Many women feel the need to cheat when they’re unhappy in their relationships, but that doesn’t mean they’ll leave their husbands for you. Also, a woman attracted to you might show these signs, but she may not pursue anything further or will entertain any pursuit from you.

When a woman sends mixed signals, it can be perplexing to ascertain whether she is looking for a romantic relationship or just a platonic friend. Asking for consent is vital because signs can be misleading. If she says no, you should respect her decision and leave her be. If she agrees, consider yourself fortunate!

Having someone else who wants to make amazing hardcore love all night after being used to hearing the usual “not tonight” will put more than just a smile on your face. When a married woman is ready to hook up, they most likely have sex with you. She would be bold – this includes making the first movements, so the best thing you can do is return the favor – give her all she needs, as much as she wants.

But when doing so, you have to be very careful, as the whole point of an affair is not to wreck the relationship you already have but rather to regenerate your sex life and have some fun now and then. Take precautions as she is married, and any untoward approach could end badly for you, her husband, and the woman in question herself.

Marriage is a bond between two people, a promise they must abide by till death do us part. The best part is that it is the coming together of two families and their sharing of the same thoughts and ideas that make a marriage complete and unique.

But sometimes the tides turn, and the worst will come out as the couple who are meant to be together are sometimes doubted and diverted by someone else who would like to be in their life.

The situation may initially excite you, but the consequences can be pretty extreme. The thrill of an extramarital affair is not worth the pain and suffering it causes to those involved. It is a delicate situation in which you must behave carefully and consciously, as being caught in a love triangle can have devastating effects.




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