Signs He Regrets Rejecting You: Is He Hinting He Wishes Things Were Different?

Nothing in the world hurts more than getting rejected by a guy you have liked for a long time. It may often feel like a dead-end. Crushing on a guy for so long, keeping your feelings for him a secret, and when you gather the courage to tell him how you feel about him… only to face rejection.

You give your heart to him and show him how much you love him, but in return, he rejects you. He takes your love and honesty and throws them away. He hurts you. But in some cases, you may find that the guy who rejected you before has now changed his mind.

11 Signs He Regrets Rejecting You:

Unfortunately, most girls will be too hurt to notice these signs as their emotions rush while dealing with romantic rejection. But he could be feeling the same! If he rejects you and then regrets it, he will feel terrible for letting an excellent relationship slip by, and his mind would be racing with all kinds of thoughts like “What if…”, “We could’ve…”, and “I should’ve.

Men reject a girl only to realize later that they like her too. From that point, the desire to win her heart back overtakes their mind, and they start exhibiting certain signs. They may try to hide their feelings; however, you can notice some subtle cues in their behavior, and if you don’t want them to slip away, you should pay attention closely to these signs. In order to know this for sure, you need to have a clear idea about the characters he regrets rejecting you.

In this article, we try our best to find the answer to the question that pesters your mind and will guide you to do the right things. With this help, you can clear up the misunderstanding between you and rescue an amazing relationship that may have never happened otherwise. Also, at the end of the article, we’ll give you some tips on what to do next and explain everything that has to do with rejection in a relationship.

Now let’s look at some signs that he regrets rejecting you.

  1. He keeps texting you.
  2. He tries to flirt with you.
  3. He drops subtle hints that he feels regretful.
  4. He asks you out.
  5. He apologizes.
  6. He remains single.
  7. He gets jealous.
  8. He appears nervous or shies around you.
  9. He stares at you secretly
  10. He asks friends and family about you
  11. His social media posts are secretly about you

Let’s discuss these signs in more detailedly, along with what you need to observe in his behavior and overall demeanor.

1) He Keeps Texting You

One of the most common telltale signs he regrets rejecting you is when he starts to text you persistently. Even if you aren’t taking the bait, he will consistently be making an effort to reach out to you and chat. Often, he texts you out of nowhere for random and silly reasons just to start a conversation with you. Understand that all of those good morning texts are not for nothing.

You will notice that he double-texts you when he doesn’t hear back from you for a few hours or so. He also initiates more conversations these days, and his texts are a lot longer, more detailed, and more genuine than they were in the past.

Note: A Facebook Friend Request on a random day. A Follow Request on Instagram. A Message with a “Hey! How’re you?” Signs like these can be highly deceptive. If you aren’t careful enough, the guy might make a fool out of you for the second time and leave you for no good.

They can even be his acts of helplessness when he has nobody around him, and he is just using you as a means to empty his boredom. To cut it short, he believes you will still accept him no matter what, even if he rejects you for no good reason.

However, continuous FB and Insta requests upon rejection or a message with “Hey! Can we talk sometime soon, if you’re free?” can consider as potential signs of his attempts to mend his decision.

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2) He Tries To Flirt With You

When a guy regret rejecting a girl and wants to regain her attention and get her back into his life, he will try flirting with her.

His texts may start very normally but turn flirtatious and romantic once he feels more comfortable with your responses. He starts complimenting you or teasing you, and using sexual innuendos are some of the ways a guy will flirt with you.

3) He Drops Subtle Hints That He Feels Regret

For a lot of men, the ego plays a critical role in their lives. It often keeps them from admitting to a mistake and asking for an apology.

Instead, they’ll drop subtle hints of regret, like talking about what an idiot they were for rejecting you or about how you are such a wonderful person and a girlfriend material.

4) He Asks You Out

After putting enough effort into softening you with texts and calls or subtle hints of regrets, he will muster up the courage and ask you out on a date.

In doing so, he may pretend like everything is great and that he didn’t reject you in the first place. It is his way of avoiding any awkwardness as well as rejection. If he feels so strongly about you right now, then he will push things forward and try to recreate the magic that was passed on before.

5) He Apologizes

If he realizes that he rejected you poorly, which hurt your feelings, he may feel it’s necessary to apologize. He acknowledges that he behaved badly in the past and accepts that he feels terrible about his decision. Also, he tries to make amends.

However, keep in mind that someone can apologize for rejecting you, but that does not always mean they want you in their life. The best thing to do is to have an open and honest conversation with him in person, to avoid any misunderstanding.

6) He Remains Single

You may notice that he stays single rather than moving on by dating other people or jumping into a relationship.

This, coupled with the abovementioned behavior, is guaranteed to be one of the major signs he regrets rejecting you.

7) He Gets Jealous

Jealousy can also be a surefire sign he regrets rejecting you. He wouldn’t be jealous if he didn’t care about you and felt threatened by another guy.

If you even bring up someone in a conversation, it will be evident in all his actions, like comparing, insulting, or taking jabs at other guys. He may also suddenly become weirdly possessive, asking many questions about men you are talking to or just giving you weird stares if you are out in a group with your guy friends. This intense interest and jealousy are not how a disinterested guy would behave.

8) He Appears Nervous or Shy Around You

He will get nervous or shy around you when we develop feelings. Even if he is a confident person in general, how he looks at you changes when feelings of attraction and fondness are nurtured.

Considering that he also regrets rejecting you, the stakes are higher, and he probably feels the pressure of not messing up at any opportunity to rectify his mistake. So, you can notice the change in his behavior around you with things like:

  • He seems more self-conscious or flabbergasted at times.
  • He stammers or falls over his own words.

9) He Stares At You Secretly

You will often catch him looking or staring at you. And he will try to look away and pretend like he’s distracted by something else when you notice him looking at you. But he won’t be able to hold it in, ultimately.

So, here’s what you can do:

Pay attention to where his eyes are when you’re around him. Pretend to look at something beside him, and try to spot where he’s looking from the corners of your eyes…

You can also pretend to be looking at something else and then suddenly make eye contact with him. Watch how he reacts. The sooner he looks away, the higher the chance he hides his feelings and regrets losing you

10) He Asks Friends and Family About You

When a guy regrets rejecting you in the past, he is going to be asking around about you, and when you no longer allow him into your life, he will go to the next best thing: your friends and family.

So, if you notice that he has been asking around about you to those who are close to you, then you can take a hint that he is feeling bad about rejecting you or even wanting to reconcile the matter.

11) His Social Media Posts Are Secretly About You

It is a known fact that guys are very reserved about their true feelings, so they might not tell you about them directly.

Instead, they will express them indirectly, especially on social media. He might repost a quote or share a song with a hidden meaning.

He may even post about you on social media along with hints that he’s interested in someone and hoping to get a chance with her. When he starts posting these vague posts on purpose, we can say that this is one of the most vital signs he wants to reconnect.

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Signs He Regrets Rejected You After Being In a Relationship For Sometime:

  • He is going to be wild:

A man who regrets rejecting someone will go wild while drowning the memory. In reality, he might be missing you, but he tries to look cool and macho; for example, he may post photos with other girls just to hurt and show off.

He may even brag about his career and accomplishments, things about his life, etc.

  • He starts changing his ways:

If you had problems with his behavior or actions during your relationship, he might start changing his choices after the breakup because he regrets rejecting you. It will hit him hard when he realizes that you are really gone and this is no joke.

Suddenly, you will notice that he is considering all your past criticism and trying to be a completely different person. These gestures and efforts may look sweet but won’t fix what happened in the past.

  • He wants to know what’s new in your life:

We are all pretty busy with our lives, and if he is asking for updates on your life, it can be a sign that he wishes he hadn’t rejected you. It meant he hoped to get to know you again and reintroduce himself into your life, a second chance.

Practically, this can be stressful because, somehow, you feel obligated to respond to him and be available. But remember that you are not bound at the end of the day. It’s your life. So, you need to decide whether this guy who hurt you in the past do really worth a second chance.

Will a guy ever come back after rejecting you?

There is no straight answer to this. We also need to consider the reason why he rejected you in the first place.

Signs He Regrets Rejecting You
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Some guys don’t like going into a relationship without any stable source of income. Even if you don’t value money and material pleasures, they may turn you down when they are not good with their finances. So, if this is the reason beyond his rejection, he might come back to you when he fixes his situation.

He is already in another relationship:

A guy may turn you down when he is already seeing someone, and this actually shows that he is a good person who wouldn’t double date or cheat on his partner. If, along the line, when the current relationship ends, he might come back to you to see if he still has the chance even if he turned you down before.

So, when you are rejected by a guy you like, you must not feel inferior, thinking that you are not good enough because it’s not you; it can also probably be because he is engaged with someone.

He may not be ready for a relationship:

He will reject you if he is not ready for a relationship. The reasons can be based on different factors and best known only to him, but when he feels that he is prepared for a relationship, he can decide to come back to you.

He does not like you back:

The fact that you like someone does not mean they should like you back. People can start to develop feelings for people they didn’t like at first. So, he might come back even if he initially rejected you if he starts catching feelings for you later.

How To maintain your dignity when a guy rejects you

1. Stop contacting him:

Most often, it implies that you don’t respect yourself if you keep contacting him out of desperation. Try to look for other things to do which can help you get your mind off him.

2. Don’t beg for his love:

This is another thing that can make you appear undignified after a guy pushes you away. Don’t ever beg for his love and attention. Love is a feeling that should be earned, and no one should ever beg to be loved. If you do this, you will appear worthless to the guy.

3. Work on your self-esteem:

We can’t deny the fact that rejection will significantly affect your self-esteem. When a guy rejects you, you may start to think that you fall short of the standard. But try to get out of this before it affects your everyday life or even your next relationship.

It’s better if a guy turns you down than leads you on while taking advantage of your feelings for him. We have to get used to the fact that not everyone is going to like us, and whenever people turn us down, we should learn to move on as fast as we can.

In conclusion

Facing rejection is difficult, and we completely understand your confusion. One minute he seems disinterested, and the next, he’s showing signs that he likes you.

This is because, often, guys don’t realize the value of someone or something until they lose it. So, perhaps, after rejecting you, he actually realized just how amazing you are.

If you can handle rejection appropriately, it can positively affect attraction and turn things around. And for this reason, we advise most women not to chase a guy after rejection. Walk away respectfully and with your dignity intact.

We hope you found this article on the signs he regrets rejecting you to be insightful and helpful. Please feel free to check out our other articles on dating and similar topics.



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