Why Do Guys Like To Facetime At Night? Why Guys Get the Late-Night FaceTime Craving?

In this advanced age of technology and instant gratification, the internet is playing a vital role even in dating and relationships. Facetime has become an increasingly popular mode of communication, especially among the younger generation. As people can communicate face-to-face through a screen, it offers a sense of intimacy and connection that can be difficult to achieve through traditional phone calls or text messaging.

Modern-day couples took the advantage of Facetime to communicate and get to know their partners. But the only problem with this feature is that sometimes it can be difficult to understand the true intentions of someone.

If you like a guy who only wants to Facetime or text at night, you might probably be having some questions about it too. In this article, you’ll learn everything you need to know to clarify your doubts.

Why Do Guys Like To Facetime At Night?

In the past, people had to meet other people and spend time with them to know them. But now in this fast pacing world, even observing their social media presence can give us many clues about their personalities and preferences, if we observe carefully. As we are talking about the dating world, even couples opt for technology whenever they can, one such among them is video calls, as they prevent wasting the time of both parties on blind dates.

But every technology, along with its benefits, will bring some problems too and facetime is no exception. Especially, for the younger generation who never saw a world without Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp, or FaceTime. Social Media has taken over their lives and it even became integral to the young generation’s relationships. Now, many attend online classes, meetings, gaming nights, sleepovers, and even dates on Facetime.

But some studies claim that excessive FaceTime usage contributes to lower self-esteem and confidence among many people, especially women. With excessive use of FaceTime came its jitters and confusion. Many women have started asking relationship experts one question, why do their guys like to face time at night? Does it mean anything?

17 Reasons Why Guys Like To Facetime At Night:

Here are some of the most common reasons why a guy might want to Facetime (or video call) you at night.

1) He Feels More Comfortable At Night:

Many prefer to Facetime at night because the atmosphere is peaceful, relaxed, and conducive to meaningful conversations. Nights give people a chance to slow down, talk about their day, or just simply catch up on each others’ lives in an intimate yet safe way.

People feel that doing Facetime at night offers a sense of connection and comfort that they enjoy, especially men while they spare some time away from the hustle of their busy lives.

2) He Is Busy During The Day:

Let’s be honest and face the reality, the best guys most often are busy dudes. So, respect someone who works hard. Maybe he’s busy and that may be the first free time he has.

Between all their friends & family obligations, jobs, hobbies, and even school, there might not be enough hours in the day for important FaceTime sessions. For guys like that, night times are the perfect time for catching up with those they care about.

At nighttime… when everything is quiet and peaceful, busy guys can finally sit down and focus on having sweet and meaningful conversations without interruption from daytime responsibilities and burdens.

3) He May Think You Are Busy:

Some guys can assume that catching you during the day may seem like wasting your time. After all, you’ve got places to be and people to see. They don’t expect you to sit by your phone all day waiting for their calls, so they think that you may feel comfortable and have free time to talk at night.

As some people work or attend school during the day, he doesn’t want to disturb you from such responsibilities. So, just as he is busy, he thinks you are busy too.

4) He Is Less Distracted At Night:

When a guy FaceTimes at night, he is most probably trying to give you his undivided attention.

Even if he has a ton of things going on in his life making him busy during the day and hard to focus on having a conversation without distractions, he could manage to do the same at night after he is settled in for the evening.

When a guy values your friendship and wants to make sure that you feel special, he will concentrate on nothing else getting in the way and both have quality one-on-one time.

5) He Feels Safe With You:

After a day filled with tough bosses, long to-do lists, and tight deadlines, sometimes all you want to do is turn off everything and talk to someone who makes you feel safe and ‘home‘. Even if it’s only for a couple of minutes, it can be incredibly soothing to the soul with someone who loves you and accepts without any judgment.

Guys might Facetime you at night for this reason and it means that he trusts you.

6) They Don’t Want To Be Friend-Zoned:

Some men may think that approaching you during the day when everybody else can access you put them in a friend zone. So, they try their chances at night when you are at your house and spending your private time. They try to give hints indirectly that he is interested in you. So, when a guy Facetimes you at night, he might be doing everything in his power to date you.

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7) Nights Are Romantic:

There is something with Nights. Everything gains some extra beauty in that time. With dim lights and a mysterious sky, things can become more intimate. So, Facetiming you in that romantic atmosphere is like setting you up for a video chat date chilling in PJs instead of getting all dolled up for a date night out.

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8) They Can Be Silly And Act Goofy With No one Around:

Everyone acts more freely without any filters when they have their privacy. So, guys may Facetime at night because there will be no one around and it will be much more comfortable to be silly and playful. As some men aren’t good communicators, Facetiming is their way to connect with you on a deeper level than talking through text or phone.

9) They Have More To Talk About:

Most of the times, if we call during the day there will not be much activity to speak of, on the other hand, Facetiming in later evenings provides a wealth of potential topics like happenings in the day, interesting stories and it provides an opportunity to open up on a deeper level to talk about themselves. This is something that could be slightly harder for him to do during a short call in the middle of something.

10) He Might Feel Lonely:

In the daytime, he is surrounded by people and interactions. His friends, family, co-workers, meeting, and other activities keep him busy. But come sunset, silence reigns and he may feel cold and forgotten in his loneliness yearning for companionship. Being able to see and hear our voice helps in reducing stress.

So, when we feel lonely, what’s better than reaching out to someone special? Facetiming has the advantage that it allows us to connect people from vast distances.

Tip:  You don’t want a guy to talk to you when thinking about his ex. We understand that everyone has their past, but when they decide to move on, they better also keep their past aside. So, if this guy only texts and calls you late at night and always talks about his past relationships, then you can easily understand that his ex still rules his heart. You are his fallback girl (side chick) and he wants you only for his selfish reasons on such nostalgic nights.

11) He Wants You To Be His Last Thought Of The Day:

If a guy wants to Facetime you at night, it can be because he likes the comfort of your voice right before going to sleep. He wants you to be the last sound he hears and your face the last image in his mind as he dives off into sleep. It’s his way of trying to be with you even when physical distance keeps you apart.

Love thrives with intimate moments like these even if they look simple and silly.

12) Intimacy And Connectivity:

As we can see the expressions and body language of the person you are speaking with on Facetime, it will enhance the conversation and create a stronger sense of understanding.  It provides a sense of companionship and comfort by alleviating loneliness, especially for those who live far away or who spend a lot of time alone.

Also, some guys have a genuine desire to keep their woman in the loop and help her feel secure, so Facetiming you help them show that he’s not being shady or hiding something from you.

13) He Is Horny:

If a guy is calling you when you are not in a relationship, then probably he is just horny and trying his luck with you and others to see who will take the bait. Even if he’s not sexting you, he could just be hoping for some flirty conversation and wants you to do naughty stuff for him. So, he might be lying on his couch, wanting someone to distract him from his feelings or provide some late-night entertainment.

If he is a playboy he would definitely want it at night, particularly at late night. So, when you feel there is something fishy and when you are not interested you can consider following these steps:

  • Do not Respond: This is an important piece of advice you can follow, then he will soon get the hint that you are not onto him.
  • If You want to respond, then don’t play into his games: If you still want to answer him, then try not to take the bait. If he tries to initiate flirty remarks or sexting, don’t even go there. Talk to him only about normal things that have nothing to do with anything suggestive and notice how quickly the conversation ends.
  • Don’t Agree To Meet up: Let him know that you are not seeing him in that way or you can even ask him to contact you tomorrow morning so that you can catch up properly.
  • Block and Delete Him: Even after you asked him not to call at night, if he still continues the same without respecting your personal space and feelings then you should make a conscious decision to protect your interests.

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14) He Lives In A Different Time Zone:

Maybe it’s the best time to chat in his time zone if we live far away from you like in another country. Whatever the circumstances may be, this gesture of calling at night can be his way of staying close to you no matter how far away he is. The beauty of Facetime is that no amount of distance can keep two hearts from being connected.

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15) He Is Doing It Only As A Duty:

If you are already in a relationship with him for a long time, but still if he only calls you only at night then this could mean that he is not thinking about you and he even forgets that you exist. Clearly, if you had been his priority, he would text or call you at other times of the day to update you whenever he got time.

But why is choosing to call you only late at night? To fulfill his duty. He calls you so that you keep quiet and don’t make a fuss. He is doing it because he doesn’t want to hear any complaint from you saying he is not caring or loving.

16) He is In A Relationship:

We cannot say this for sure, but he may be in a relationship already and trying to contact you when they are not in the presence of their partner. He is already in a relationship but he wants to explore other options as well. He will still have Tinder on his phone and talk to random girls on social media. With a girlfriend, it isn’t that easy to talk to any other girl. So, nighttime is the best time for him as he knows that his significant other is sleeping, to grab onto that opportunity.

Having said that, keep in mind that it is just another probable reason. So, don’t assume that this is a red flag unless and until there are other signs. No matter what, you will have to trust your gut and judgment in this kind of situation. Mistaking innocent behavior for something more nefarious can lead to a lot of unnecessary trouble in relationships.

17) Only He Knows The Real Answer:

Before you come to any conclusion about why a guy Facetiming you at night, the best option is to do is ask the very same guy as nobody understands his intention better than him. Find ways where you can tactfully get him to share his thoughts without much friction. Instead of directly asking why he called you at night, you can take a bit more of an indirect route to extract the answer, so that he will feel more comfortable talking about his motivations and won’t feel like he is on the hotspot.

What To Do When A Guy FaceTimes You At Night?

When a Guy FaceTimes you at night, how you respond will depend on your relationship status with him. If you just started dating, it’s okay to keep it on a lighter note and flirty as these interactions can help deepen your connection with each other. FaceTime helps in building trust faster since it helps you get to know someone better than through text messages.

On the other hand, if you are in an established relationship, take this as an opportunity to strengthen your bond. You can ask detailed questions and information to know more about each other’s personalities. Inquire about his work life or family matters since this is a great way to show him that you care about him including other things in his life.

Some Tips:

  • Since you will be on a video, it’s always best to look nice.
  • A little humor never hurts.

As we have already mentioned in the beginning, it is important to acknowledge that there are also potential negative aspects to consider with everything. Here are the most significant drawbacks of Facetime.

Some Negative Effects of Facetiming At Late Nights:

Impact on Sleep Patterns:

Staying up late at night, just to have Facetime can impact sleep patterns which result in fatigue and grogginess. This can be problematic for people with sleep disorders who need to be well-rested for work or other responsibilities.

Risk of OverSharing:

It can also result in revealing too much personal information which increases the risk of oversharing. You need to be always mindful of the information that you share even in the context of the virtual conversation and maintaining certain boundaries is advisable.

Reduce face-to-face Interaction:

While Facetime can be an extraordinary tool for staying connected, we should be careful enough that it should not replace in-person interactions. Spending too much time on facetime may lead to lesser face-to-face interactions, which can impact our ability to build and foster meaningful relationships.

Turn Into An Addiction:

It can soon become an addiction that will in turn interfere with other important aspects of life, such as work, school, or relationships.

Final Words:

Remember that not everyone is motivated by the same things and their intentions might not be what you expect them to be.

It is important to use any tool in moderation. Being aware of the risks and taking steps to minimize the impact of certain negative effects is mandatory.


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