Benefits Of Dating A Widow: 10 Benefits of Loving Someone Who Has Loved and Lost

Dating can be tricky, especially when individuals come from different backgrounds and life experiences. Everyone has their preferences and priorities in this game; while some prefer to date someone who shares similar interests or values, others prioritize physical attraction or emotional compatibility. But what about dating a widow?

As it may seem like an overwhelming challenge to date someone who has experienced such a significant loss, many shy away from the idea of dating them, but there are actually some benefits too in dating a widow.

Benefits of Dating A Widow:

When it comes to dating a widow, it can be both rewarding and challenging. It can be a whole new experience, but many aren’t open to dating someone who has lost their spouse. In this article, we will delve into why widows make such great partners. – and why you might just be missing out if you don’t consider them as potential partners.

1) Emotional Maturity:

Widows have been through tough and painful experiences after their loss, often making them emotionally mature and resilient. They are more likely to understand the ups and downs of life and relationships.

They fight their tough phase and come out stronger on the other side. Also, as most widows tend to be older, they often have more life experience and emotional maturity than someone younger who hasn’t experienced loss.

2) Independent Nature:

After losing their spouses and getting used to living alone, widows often learn how to manage their own lives. They tend to be more independent and not like a teenage girl who bothers and depends on their partner for every small help. You don’t need to save her.

Many men find it appealing to see a woman with these independent qualities.

3) Compassionate Attitude:

Going through grief can make one compassionate toward others and more empathetic toward people who have experienced similar situations or hardships. They often exhibit this trait naturally, as they can understand what others are going through.

So, dating a widow also means having an empathetic partner who understands grief – both theirs and yours.

4) Appreciation for Life:

Losing a partner makes them realize the value of the missing things and learn to appreciate all the little things in life. A widow is likely to be grateful for every moment spent with her partner.

They understand that life is short and unpredictable and should be enjoyed while it lasts. They bring about a renewed appreciation for life itself and value their time with loved ones more than anything else, creating meaningful connections with those around them.

Widows know just how quickly life can change; this gives them a greater appreciation for life and the little things, such as a walk together on a beach, cold winter evenings snuggling by the fireplace, or just sitting under the stars on a warm summer evening.

5) Loyalty & Commitment:

Widows will be loyal partners (unless they are players) because they understand what it means to lose someone you love deeply. So, it’s common to see them cherish their loved ones even more than before.

They know what it means to commit to a relationship and cherish their partner in every moment since they experienced and understand that tomorrow isn’t promised.

As widows are already experienced and full of love that needs to be poured, you may also get a wonderful experience in bed. A widow will pour all her love and ensure you have the best time in her company.

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6) Unique Perspective on Life:

Having gone through such a difficult experience of losing a spouse can give widows a unique perspective on life different from those who haven’t experienced any loss.

A widow has a renewed passion and purpose for living. She can provide an opportunity for growth as you can learn from each other’s past experiences and support each other moving forward.

7) Strength and Resilience:

One of the biggest benefits of dating a widow is the unwavering strength and resilience that comes from coping with grief and loss. Widowhood means going through one of the toughest experiences in life, losing their life partner. Yet they somehow learn to manage, pick themselves up, and start all over again.

They learn to navigate through life’s toughest moments while maintaining their sense of self. So, they understand what it means to fight through adverse situations, which makes them an invaluable partner in any relationship.

9) Quality of Time:

Being with a widow means being with someone who knows how precious time is and won’t waste it on petty arguments or trivial issues. Most of them tend to concentrate on things only that are important in life, like their relationship, family, friends, health, career, or hobbies.

They understand the importance of cherishing every moment spent with loved ones, so they always focus on making the most of every opportunity.

couple having a quality time

9) An abundance of Love:

A widow has already loved deeply before, so they know how to love again with all their heart. The amount of love that a widow has to offer is remarkable. When she truly falls for you, she will love hard and fast because she has already felt how wonderful it is and that it has the possibility to be lost again.

A widow will not be seen wasting her time on someone who won’t bring her happiness during her time on earth. Her time is valuable, and so is her love.

She knows that if the two of you just so happen to make it all the way to be life partners, there is still a 50% chance that you will be the one to leave this earth before her. Even knowing that she may have to relive her worst nightmare all over again, she continues to love you if you love her enough.

Note: Before dating a widow, or thinking about having a serious relationship (marriage) with a widow, try to find out the answer to the questions like ‘Why are they widowed? Could it occur again?.’ If their spouse died under mysterious circumstances leaving behind a fortune, and if this is their third or fourth spouse, you know what to do.

10) Better In Communication:

Widowhood can make someone realize the importance of open communication in any relationship, and as they have a strong sense of self, they will know what they want in life, love, and relationships. They are more likely to be open about their thoughts and emotions.

As they are ready for a new chapter in their lives, they are also open to new experiences and relationships, meaning they are more likely to put effort into making things work with a new partner.

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Some Tips For Dating A Widow:

1) There Will Be Emotional Baggage:

A divorcee can bring in a lot of baggage as emotional strain due to her loss, so you need to be prepared for them. You need to accept the fact that she will still have a place for her deceased husband. So, do not get angry if she tells you she misses her late husband.

Sometimes, a widow can be a better choice because you don’t have to deal with an ex-husband or her going back and messing around with her ex when you’re fighting!

2) Respect Her Past:

Our lives are a combination of the people we’ve met, our experiences, and the emotions we have gone through. The person you stand before – the one you want to date/ love/have a future with – is who she is because of the person who came before you.

Their love for their late partner did not end when they died. Only their marriage did. But not their love. So, let her cherish the memories of her late husband. Try to console and support her on those occasions.

3) Protect Her Children:

Most often than not, there will be children too. So, you need to accept them and take care of her children. Try to be their best stepdad if you are considering a serious relationship. They are also your children now.

If she’s widowed with minor children, she will be overly protective of her mourning babies and may move at a pace that seems much slower than the people you’ve dated in the past. So, please be patient.

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4) Get Ready To Face Cruel Society:

Since you are dating a widow, you should know that society will look down and gossip about your relationship. Remember that your relationship and happiness with your wife and step-kids is the most important thing.

As long as you and your family are happy, you don’t need to bother about what others think.

5) Don’t feel second place:

Don’t feel as if you are number two or you are just a consolation prize. Know that your partner loves you as much as she loves her deceased husband. If not, she won’t be in a relationship with you.

Remember that her late spouse is neither a threat to your relationship nor a competition for her heart.

 “Light does not dim for shining through two windows.”  – Holly Lisle.

6) Don’t Feel Pity or Ashamed:

Please don’t be ashamed of her because she is a widow or about her kids. Be comfortable and happy around them and show your support.

Also, Never date or marry someone by pitying them or with a feeling that you are doing a sacrifice or noble deed.

7) Let Her Open Up:

Don’t feel neglected if she doesn’t include you in her decisions. During her struggling phase, probably the friend(s) she counted on for advice may have found her grief too much to shoulder and ended the relationship.

She’s all she has. She has to learn to trust her gut and make difficult decisions independently. So, be patient; once she lets her guard down, you will see that she is different.

8) Be Honest About Your Future Plans:

Always be open and honest about your plan for a future together.

A widow doesn’t want to make her children experience the heartbreak of another loss – even if it’s just the end of a relationship. So, if you are not looking to invest in a serious relationship and just want to trap her for some easy sex, don’t disturb a widow’s heart. There are plenty of other women out there who are willing for a casual fling.


Dating a widow can provide a unique and rewarding relationship that is often overlooked. It may not always be easy, but being there for someone who has been through so much can create an unbreakable bond between two individuals that will last forever.

Widows have often undergone significant personal growth and self-reflection through their grieving process, which makes them more mature, empathetic, and emotionally intelligent partners. They will come out on the other side with newfound strength, resilience, love, and empathy.

They appreciate the present moment and prioritize meaningful connections. As they have experienced some of life’s most difficult challenges, they tend to be resilient, compassionate, and emotionally mature individuals who bring a wealth of qualities to any relationship.

Overall, dating a widow can bring about many positive changes in your life, as you can learn from their strength, emotional maturity, and appreciation for life itself.

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